#454: Eyes Up!

*Featured Image by themedievalsnowman

Pod Description:

Greeting cards aren’t for everyone. Is your vision worth a toke of weed? Wedding talk.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Maribeth Johnson

Git’em Steve Dave

Mentioned Person:


“I’ve never seen Sal’s balls, I’m sorry to say.” -Q

“Do you think that like anybody that knows the pope personally talks shit about him?” – Bry

“Fanboy’s stand-in got blottoed.” -Walt

“I hate the cold more than I love those restaurants.” – Bry

“You can’t give him that much chocolate! He can go into toxic shock syndrome!” – Walt quoting Sunday Jeff

“That’s the fact Jack!” – Walt claiming greeting cards are a woman’s game

“We grew up seeing each others balls!” – Walt

“I would turn that around on you so fast!” – Walt if he caught a dick looker.

“I live in the bottom of a volcano, it’s where all these fine fabrics come from!” – Walt as Mack Weldon.

“Remember when I said I haven’t done drugs? That would be the day we go to fuckin’ North Jersey and we’re getting the first drug dealer we see and are pumping me up with whatever drugs he has and get me an ice cream scoop cuz I’m gouging my eyes out!” – Walt if one of his daughters married a guy twice her age.

“I love you, well more than a brother I guess.” – Bry’s speech to Q at his wedding (in front of Darin and Erik)

“We’re raising spiders, you can buy the eggs if you want Mr. Q!” – Walt as the mansion manager.

Memorable Moments:

Bry pimps his satellite radio show with Eric Nagle “Would you Kindly“.

The SD card which contained the previously recorded TESD was corrupted so all wedding talk had to be recreated for this episode. Bry had previously been using multiple cards per recording with no issue and became complacent. Walt likens it to insurance, you don’t need it til’ you need it!

The Mooby’s pop up brings scores of customers to the Secret Stash as Walt says the business is the best it’s been since before the quarantine. Unfortunately they are selling a Secret Stash beer and not R&H so Q is not amused.

Walt wants to support the dining industry by eating outside even in the dead of winter.

Joe Gatto is promoting his new book but foregoes an invitation to TESD to go on some bigtime show. Walt asks why Murray never came on to promote any of his books.

A South Carolina woman gouges her own eyes out after taking meth. Bry claims this alone would be enough to scare him away from that particular drug. Walt believes this action is par for the course for any drug.

Bry is getting pressured to send out Thank You cards to guests from his wedding, Walt says that must be because of Maribeth as dudes don’t typically care about that sort of thing. Are greeting cards a woman’s market?

Bry jokingly suggests that guys with really big beards should be exempt from wearing masks.

Maribeth and Bryan recap the wedding weekend. Bryan asked the photographer to capture pictures of the Bridal Party in various states of undress. Are women more comfortable getting changed in front of others than men? Walt and Bry reminisce on showering at school in front of the entire class as discussed in #068: Shower Power.

Q performed the ceremony and claims he worked harder writing the sermon than anything he’s professionally wrote in his entire career. He mentions up to the minute rewrites to include mentions of Erik’s drunken rant as heard in #452: Die on Every Hill.

During an ad for Mack Weldon Walt claims the different tiers remind him of Scientology.

Bryan and Maribeth though Walt looked like Scarface at the wedding with his dress shirt unbuttoned and the chain he was wearing.

The music at the wedding was a mix of traditional and nontraditional as the orchestra played the Sanford and Son as well as the Psycho theme. Bry and Maribeth’s first dance included the entire disco routine from Boogie Nights.

Walt envies Bryan’s relationship with Sage since she will be more child-like longer. Walt does not like interacting with his daughter’s boyfriends and mostly ignores them.

The wedding DJ was quite the character as during the mother-son dance she went off script claiming Bry and Pam were more than Mother/Son but best friends as well. She also claimed trying to make it in Hollywood but “grew sick of the Casting Couch”.

Ming buys an autographed picture of a Baltimore Oriole from the bathroom at the wedding venue. Apparently everything was for sale in the entire place.

A Lancaster man gets shot after chasing a cop with a knife. Are people protesting just for the sake of protesting?

The pope claims gossip is a worse plague than Covid.

After the episode proper Walt and Git’em fill out a questionnaire to get Git’em set up with a subscription to the pod’s new sponsor Take Care Of vitamins. Some insights about Gitem’s health and eating habits are revealed.

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