#455: Potpourri of TESD

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Pod Description:

Q is elected minister of defense. Bry wants a muscle car. What music would you play for aliens?


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Maribeth Johnson

Mentioned Person:


“I thought he was going to play something classical. He kept saying ‘atoll’.” – Bry

“We can’t trust them Canadians” – Bry

“Walt, send me a dick pic.” – Bry

“But you can safely assume they ain’t got fuckin’ Robert Plant and Jimmy Page, asshole!” – Walt

“I don’t want my family around when I’m alive, certainly not when I’m dying.” – Bry

“I don’t care if Messier fuckin’ gets testiclear cancer, I got a couple voodoo dolls of him.” – Walt

“Poor Fatone, Poor Fatone” – Bry and Q

“Why don’t you think of the environment for once instead of yourself!” – Walt

“If you don’t have children you can do whatever you want for the rest of your life and you will still be saving the environment more than someone with one kid.” – Q

“Number one thing to to do to save the environment is not have kids” – Q

“Who the fuck is Rich the Kid? What about Bry the Adult? I can rap!” – Bry

“I guess I’m the joke.” -Q

“Who’m I versus?” -Q

“It’s the McHale’s Navy of Aliens.” – Q

“Get da fuck outtaheah!” – Bry as Q

“Why’s he keep saying ‘atoll’? No one knows what he’s talking about?” – Walt

“They call it the Garbage Atoll” – Q

“I feel like she listened to Bob Barker and neutered me.” – Bry

Memorable Moments:

The news of Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death hit right before the recording of the episode. Walt believes it is too close to the election for another Supreme Court Justice to be appointed, Q thinks we are about to see some hypocrisy.

Bry says he wouldn’t want to be surrounded by friends and family on his deathbed. He’d rather crawl off and die under a log like an animal. Would you rather die peacefully in your sleep or get 5 more years of pain?

The world of politics have become like a spectator sport where people root for their party like they do for their teams. Walt remembers how the Devils got him more heated than anything else in the world and believes if you don’t feel the pain of defeat your aren’t a real fan.

A former girlfriend of Q’s had the unpopular opinion that the lead singer did not make the whole band.

Q wants to ask the car guys among the listeners if he would be laughed out of a body shop if he went to get the 89′ Crown Victoria restored to it’s full glory.

Bry is thinking of getting a 1970 Buick Skylark after his jeep’s lease runs out.

Instagram releases Reels, a TikTok clone which is full of nothing but hot girls dancing and gaining millions of followers.

The topic of dick pics arise. Walt would never send one, Q has only sent one, Bry had earlier this week.

A UFO sighting sets the Garden State abuzz, ends up being the Goodyear Blimp.

Japan releases protocols for pilots to follow when they see a UFO.

Walt and Bry question Q if he was Defense Secretary how would he deal with First Contact with an alien species. Q says he’d keep his fingers on the trigger but let them make the first move. Bry and Walt push him to go in guns blazing like a real American. Q would meet on a neutral territory, some atoll. Q would introduce the Aliens to Led Zeppelin to try to communicate, Walt wants Q to explain WAP to them.

Vox claims Beethoven music is racist.

Bry tries to renege on the long standing bet made with Q about VHS tapes not being around after 10 years first heard on #091: Cindy’s Fuck Truck. Patreon released a VHS copy of a Frank Five’s Rewind.

Bry asks Walt what he would do if Maribeth came to him thinking Bry was cheating and asked him to use his Super Smeller to catch a whiff of another woman on him.

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