#458. Sarcata Nagrata

*Featured Image by @tesdgroupie

Pod Description:

Walt celebrates a sexy birthday, Git ‘Em lives with Camel spiders, Joe Gatto calls in to talk pooches.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Git’em Steve Dave

Joe Gatto

Mentioned Person:


“You don’t even want to see how limp my dick is.” – Bry

“My friend has fallen on hard times. He’s sleeping with silverfish and crickets up his ass.” – Q

“As out of left field as me being on methadone and Debbie getting me clean!” – Walt

“It wasn’t when you had sex with me despite barely knowing me at a One Star Motel at your expense.” – Except from Bry’s wedding vows.

“I am a fan of rapid escalation to the point it makes people uncomfortable.” – Bry

“Bring the Golden Corral home to you.” – Q to Walt

“They’ll have so much chocolate on their face it’ll look like they’re about to be cancelled.” – Bry

“In what world is BQ not a threat to every woman on the planet?” – Walt

“Those days are over. We need Blue Chew in this relationship.” – Walt about Git’em

“I can’t stand you, see you Wednesday.” – Walt to Git’em

“I went decades without seeing those fuckin’ crickets. They must have had an orgy or something.” – Q

“Yeah shitting in a pail in the middle of a field, that’s your A-List material.” – Walt to Git’em

“By Sugar Baby I mean I have horrible Diabetes.” – Bry as Git’em

“I knew those Hollywood types were fucking freaks.” – Walt as Landlord

“That poor cat has been flogged and put on the stroll for 8 years now.” -Q

Memorable Moments:

Bry is confident his best days are ahead of him since he’s had so many bad ones behind.

Walt is ready for retirement after Covid gave him a little taste of of the lifestyle.

Debbie Flanagan was disappointed that Walt wouldn’t get the chance to give a speech at Bryan’s wedding and be able to get back at him for joking that Walt was a recovering meth addict at his wedding.

Walt celebrates the best birthday weekend of his life: Some quality time with his wife while the kids were out of the house, his Friendly’s steak was the best piece of meat he ever had in his life, and he got to watch Tom Brady beat Aaron Rodgers instead of going to a family obligation.

Q gifts Walt a chocolate fountain so that he would never have to relive his tortuous trip to Golden Corral again.

Bryan tries to let Walt down gently that The Great Pumpkin will not be on broadcast TV for the first time since original airing. Walt thinks there are more important things to trouble yourself with than the loss of a TV special.

Q has been reading the Cormoran Strike series of detective stories written under a pseudonym by J.K. Rowling. Walt asks why he’s not concerned that she is “Sarcata Nagrata”.

Bry visits Reddit and see’s that he failed to introduce Steve Byrne the previous episode and not many people were fans of the phone call.

Bryan tries to catch Walt in a lie about not wearing a gold chain to his wedding with photographic evidence, Walt insists it is a photoshop.

Q acts as a mentor to his friend who comes to him with an issue of finding Viagra in her husband’s belongings and wanting advice. Q wonders if it is a similar relationship that Walt has to Git’em. Git’em is called over to discuss.

It’s revealed that Git’em is now living with his friend and long-time standing dinner date yet his basement apartment is infested with bugs and he has to drive to a portapotty whenever he needs to defecate. The guys question why he doesn’t look into apartments for rent with the money from the charity pod. Git’em would rather save money for something more permanent. Q takes the opportunity to offer to pay Git’em’s rent as his Sugar Daddy. Walt thinks Git’em just likes having these crazy stories to talk about and be the ‘Kooky’ guy.

Sunday Jeff tells Walt he saw Git’em’s friend chastise him like a mother to a 5 year old child one day she dropped him off.

Q asks all Ants to leave reviews for R&H beer on Untappd to help his brand.

Q sends Scotty Gomez some R&H beer while Scotty sends Q funny videos. Walt is slightly disappointed that Scotty Gomez is a regular ‘dude-bro’. Walt questions why guys can playfully call each other dick-head and douchebag after hearing how Scotty and Q address each other.

Joe Gatto calls in to talk about his new book “The Dogfather”. Joe’s dog total is up to 8 including all the ailing animals he’s rescued. Joe’s dog Cannoli had it’s own pet agent. Walt one time thought Cooper could be a show dog but didn’t want to be one of those parents to child stars.

After Bryan’s grandmother died when he was very young his aunt took in his grandmother’s dog, Chloe. Chloe drowned shortly thereafter leading Pam to say to Bryan it must have been a case of suicide because she missed Bry’s grandmother so much.

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