#459: Mask

*Featured Image by Bryan Johnson

Pod Description:

Git Em and Q debate The Mandalorian, an update on brother Erik, Ant tattoos.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Git’em Steve Dave

Erik Johnson

Mentioned Person:


“So where’s the hair now?” – Walt

“Sit down, asshole!” – Walt

“So you drive around with a box of hair?” – Walt

“It’s not like I stroke it and lovingly stare at it!” – Git’em

“Maybe I was wrong, I probably was wrong.” – Git’em

“He says it’s as protective as wearing two condoms.” – Git’em on Walt’s masks

“Jeff has called it the pussifying of Star Wars.” – Walt on Baby Yoda.

“Walt’s fashioning his mask into a noose, we need to wrap this up.” – Bryan

“He sounds like Kenny from South Park.” – Q about masked Walt.

“If it wasn’t for 7 of 9, Barack Obama never would have been president, that’s actually true.” – Git’em

“Remember that lady who got her face chewed off by a chimp? That’s what he looks like right now.” – Bryan about Erik

“That’s what you get when you put your life on the line for others.” – Erik

“I love that even happiness is a weapon in the Johnson family.” – Q

“Did your parents build their house on an Indian burial ground? What the fuck!” – Walt

“The only way I can be happy again is if Bryan becomes miserable again.” – Erik

Memorable Moments:

Git’em is called to the carpet to answer Reddit’s condemnation for not using Q’s teeth fund money or the Fahrenheit 148 fundraiser money to better his own life. Git’em responds that he isn’t spending frivolously and is still saving to own a home rather than rent. Git’em still has Q’s hair and has not sold it yet as he was expecting it to appreciate in value after the release of the IJ movie. Walt believes there is no market for Q’s hair since it’s been several years since Murr was forced to wear it on the show, Git’em estimates he could get a couple thousand for it. Walt says he’s going to die with that hair since he can’t get rid of anything.

Walt is doubling up on masks for added protection, at the cost of a muffled voice.

Q is loving the new season of The Mandalorian but Walt and Git’em thinks the addition of Boba Fett is mere pandering and they “are blowing the Boba Fett load” too soon.

Erik calls in to check up with the Ants after his appearance at Bryan’s bachelor party. Erik has had some surgeries to remove skin cancer, then breaks his arm mountain biking with his step son. Bry suggests Maribeth refrain from taking his last name since it’s obviously cursed.

Erik says every time he calls Pam all she wants to talk about is how great Bryan is doing. Pam and Edgar get into a real Lockhorn scenario arguing in Food Town when Pam forgets her debit card in the machine and Edgar can’t find his favorite tote bag.

Q writes a story for the horror anthology “Centralia”.

Bry gets a TESD Ant tattoo to cover up his maligned Calvin and Hobbes tattoo.

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