#461: Stronger than Time

*Featured Image by @AntKoolAid

Pod Description:

The boys talk midlife crisis, bullying. Bry & Q try their hand at unorthodox couples counseling


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Git’em Steve Dave

Mentioned Person:


“Fuck you, God.” – Bry

“I’m not eating fertilizer.” – Walt

“I want the beeps and the boops and whatever fuckin’ nonsense they were playin over and over again in my youth.” – Q

“I’m not into virgins.” – Walt

“The only thing new I buy is a car, everything else I want some miles on it.” -Q

“Man, do I have enough comics?” – Walt’s midlife crisis

“I’m stronger than time.” – Walt

“Oh my god, Toad got old.” – Bry

“Nobody’s lookin’ for a huge vagina.” – Walt

“My candidate won, it wasn’t Biden, it wasn’t Trump. It was marijuana.” – Bry

“Going back to me coming down on 148 on the weekends, you don’t understand it’s a constant barrage of stupidity and ineptness!” -Walt

Memorable Moments:

Bryan appears on an episode of “Who are These Podcasts?”

Q and the rest of the Jokers are shooting the show again leading Q to have to quarantine with his new X-Box over Thanksgiving.

Q wonders if he is edging towards a mid-life crisis and wonders what his legacy will be. Decides he wants to buy a Delorian.

Q wants to make a 4 Color Demons limited edition brew, Walt agrees to drink one if he does.

Bry is set to record a pod with Toad.

New Jersey legalizes marijuana which leads to a discussion on crack cocaine and magic mushrooms. Git’em arrives to talk about how the race track used to sell horse shit for mushroom farmers to grow in.

Walt and Git’em get into a heated discussion over whether Git’em should have known to bag two new trade paperbacks or not. Q acts as a couples therapist for the two of them and make them both say nice things about each other.

Git’em delves into the multi-world theory in which if he didn’t work at the Stash he would have been home to stop the fire that took his house.

Bry reveals he has been coloring in Adult Coloring Books to get in a Zen mood. Walt tells him it sounds like a “Pam” thing to do.

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