#462: Gimme The Loot

Pod Description:

Bry, Walt and Q sit down with the record store clerk to face off with their love-making playlists.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Tim the Record Store Clerk


“It’s not like there’s anything wrong with getting fingered! Girls want to get fingered!” – Q

“I usually fuck to the Oscar Meyer jingle.” – Bry

“You’re just trying to find a reason to be positive with him. Fuck him, he chose bad songs let him wallow in his shit!” – Walt

“Welcome to the world of being disgusting.” – Bry

“Ok, the leaves from your tree are everybody else’s problem but yours.” – Q

“Who better than a middle aged man to judge another middle aged man’s song to get busy to?” – Walt

“Yeah, he’s a human sneer.” – Bry

“If I had the time to listen to it, I’d have the time to be in it!” – Q about Patreon.

“Wow, coke must be something else.” – Bry

“If you had white sheets on the bed you’d look like two chameleons going at it!” – Walt

“Turn up that skit, Ming!” – Bry

“Churchills assaults weren’t this planned.” – Q

“There’s no need to use your mouth, it’s Blaze of Glory!” – Q

Games Played

Purveyors, Posers, and Playlists

Memorable Moments:

Tim the Record Store Clerk sits down at the table for the episode and to judge the first non-Patreon appearance of PPP.

Walt announces there will be a Puck Nuts year end retrospective of 2020 in sports coming later this year.

Could Impractical Jokers get away with branding children’s coffins? Q wants to be buried in a Sherman Tank.

Video of a rapper armed with a flame thrower shooting it off on top of a bus has been released, is this some sort of publicity stunt?

Maribeth may be suffering from the Johnson curse after she takes Bryan’s surname and gets chemical burns from a Nair treatment gone wrong and an infected toe.

Tim’s band, The Ribeye Brothers, has a new record coming out, Every July Peas Grow There.

Bryan brings in his coloring books as discussed in the previous episode. Walt is honestly impressed with the level of detail and shading Bryan is doing. Walt begins to analyze Bry’s coloring like an art therapist to guess his emotions at the time of the coloring. Could TESD coloring books be in the future?

HGTV star Karen Laine’s home has been burgled twice. Each time the bandit leaving a calling card, human feces.

The guys play Purveyors, Posers, and Playlists: The Theme this week is Songs to get Busy to.

Walt’s picks:

Bryan’s picks:

Q’s picks:

During Comic Book Men Walt reveals he wouldn’t drive anywhere with Ming and Bryan for fear they’d play rap music in the car.

Git’em is walking almost normal due to the vitamins he’s been taking.

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