#463: Who’s The Turkey Now?

*Featured Image by Eric Mason

Pod Description:

Thanksgiving, sexy teen hijinx, Pam and Edgar betray Bry.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Git’em Steve Dave


“By the time she was in Swamp Thing she kinda looked like Swamp Thing though.” – Walt about Adrienne Barbeau

“I can’t kiss my mommy” -Walt as Bry

“I can’t kiss my dad on the lips!” – Bry

“Soothing voice, Soothing boobs on that woman.” – Q

“There are no flaws at the fuckin Stash!” – Walt

“I think my turkey days are behind me.” – Walt

“Let me fuck up everybody’s Thanksgiving from across the country, like a dickhead.” – Bry as Erik

“I guess we’re eating Canadian Goose or whatever the fuck this is!” – Q as Bry.

“It’ll be one stop shopping for skulls!” – Walt about the new store.

“I hope my old boss isn’t listening, but my old place, I owned that fucker. My seed is everywhere.” – Walt

“Shine that light a little lower and you’ll see what I’m doin” – Q

“Their bottoms are the tops.” – Bry about Me Undies

“I like Thal (Sal).” Bry as Mike Tyson

“Merry Christmas, boss”- Git’em after admitting he didn’t know something.

Memorable Moments:

The guys discuss Adrienne Barbeau and how Johnny Carson seemed to want to leap over the desk to get at her on The Tonight Show.

Walt says it might be his last year eating turkey as this Thanksgiving bird didn’t agree with him.

Pam was set to host 10 people for Thanksgiving but cancelled last minute after talking with Erik.

Maribeth brings home unlabeled mystery fowl to cook for Thanksgiving. Bry, a traditionalist, insists on turkey and heads off to Food Town to pick up a turkey breast. When it comes time to cook however they realize Bryan purchased a chicken breast because he didn’t have his glasses. Q introduces him to a magnifier app on the phone to remedy any future mishaps.

Mandalorian star Gina Carano facing backlash after anti mask tweets. TESD ponders if there is anyone that is un-cancellable. John Lennon has admitted to hitting women, Hunter S. Thompson was a maniac.

After 20 year the Secret Stash is closing up shop at 35 Broad Street and moving down the street to 65 Broad Street. The new store will feature a satellite location for TESD including recording space, green screen for video projects, and merch to sell.

Walt reminisces on how he would find ways to be romantic with his girlfriend Debbie while both of them still lived with their parents. Walt had a sleeping bag hidden at the Rec Center and would bring Debbie there for movie nights in an unused room. A young Bry and a friend would drive around with a high powered spot light and would try to catch Walt in the act to make him think the cops were there. Walt also tells of getting caught by the cops with Debbie by the duck pond.

Is there any scenario where Q could best Mike Tyson in a street fight? Based on Q’s history of drunken brawling in his youth, Walt seems to think it’s possible.

Bry and Q mention a video where a bus driver uppercuts a female passenger knocking her out.

Walt recalls getting knocked out in a fight when he was 18. Q talks of several fights he’s been in and how his neighbor accidentally killed a man in a bar fight.

Walt wants the last episode to be recorded at 35 Broad Street to be a retrospective of everyone’s favorite moments at that location.

Q asks Walt and Bry if they’d consider rebooting Comic Book Men if Q pitched it to TruTV. He says he could become a bigger presence on the show by buying out half the business from Kevin.

Bry and Sage are having trouble with remote learning causing Bry to hang up on the whole class.

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