#463.1: The Best of Butter Lips

*Featured Image by TESD Patreon

Pod Description:

Join Bry, Walt Gitem and Tom as they take a special look back at best clips from the All New Sunday Jeff show


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Sunday Jeff

Git’em Steve Dave

Tom Miloszewki


“The names are J-Sarge, the word is theme and the other name is Declan…. go.” – Walt to Sunday Jeff

“Do you think Leno or Letterman were as clueless about their own show?” – Bry

“Old butter-lips and shit.” – Sunday Jeff

“Locked and clocked my ass!” – Sunday Jeff

“Mike fucked up another podcast, one he’s not even on.” – Bry

“I thought that’s why you look like a lab rat.” – Walt

“I’m not even sure the mailman isn’t just throwing out the mail down the sewer because he doesn’t want to come in here to talk to you.” – Walt to Git’em

“Girl, I’m gonna make you a breakfast omelet, as in omelet you suck this dick.” – Sunday Jeff.

“Well hello boys.” – Walt as Chad

“Ooh la-la sassoon.” – Walt as Chad

“The year was 1810, big bushes were all the rage.” – Bry

“Oh I thought you were a pillow biter.” – Walt

“J-Lo, you’ve just played the Super Bowl, what are you doing next.” “I’m told I have to go fuck Sunday Jeff in space.” – Bry

“You’ll be doing me a favor, that’s where I belong, on the streets not playing this stupid ding dong game.” – Sunday Jeff

“Santa Claus never got serviced by the elves!” – Walt

“There’s a reason they took Bumble’s teeth out and I know what it is.” – Git’em

Memorable Moments:

This is a clip show of some best of moments from The All New Sunday Jeff Show, available on Patreon.com

Clip 1: Sunday Jeff stumbles about trying to introduce his own show in episode 1 of TANSJS.

Clip 2: Sunday Jeff tries to get Git’em to guess the answers in a game of Pyramid. “Things Ming Would Say” devolves into a round of Mike and Ming gay jokes.

Clip 3: Sundac the Flamboyant tries to get through the reading of the Johnny Carson-esque envelope gags without flubbing. All six happen to be Mike and Ming gay jokes.

Clip 4: In a game to determine who knows the most mundane facts about Sunday Jeff, Git’em surprises everyone with his intimate knowledge of Jeff’s underwear preferences.

Clip 5: The Sunday Funnies from Sunday Chef II: Jeff reads Food related pick up lines.

Clip 6: Sunday Jeff tries to guess the plots of movies he’s never seen based on the title alone.

Clip : Sunday Jeffrey Dahmer and the GTK killer try to pick up a young stud at a 1980s club. Walt plays Chad the foreign exchange student.

Clip 8: Jeff and Walt discuss their favorite Toys R Us memories including the first day they spent together toy hunting and the day Jeff bought all the Rudolph figures.

Clip 9: Sunday Science – Walt tries to pitch his rubber car / magnetic bumper idea to Bry, Git’em, and Jeff.

Clip 10: Sunday Stud – Troy judges Gitem, Bry and Jeff’s “fig” eating skills.

Clip 11: Sunday Jeff, Bry and Git’em must guess what the topic of a NSFW subreddit is based on the name.

Clip 12: Bry and Git’em have to guess what drugs Jeff and Walt are pretending to be on.

Clip 13: Sunday Jeff, Bry, and Git’em must guess the source of a famous sound byte.

Clip 14: Jeff, Dumb and Blind – Jeff must play Pyramid and have his partner guess answers with his mouth full of marshmallows.

Clip 15: Sunday Jeff is tasked with populating Mars and must pick a list of 3 women supplied by Tom, Walt, or Bry. A debate is had whether J-Lo is a better choice than Martha Stewart.

Clip 16: Sunday Scholar – Sunday Jeff may as well go out and get pizza for the other contestants based on his performance in “Are you Smarter than a 5th Grader”.

Clip 17: Hanukkah Special II – Sunday Jeff writes his own Hanukkah animated film. Walt finds it odd he includes the bad guy sexually abusing his underlings.

Clip 18: Sunday Jeff signing off… as best as he can.

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