#464: Ignorance is Dope

*Featured image by @TESDgroupie

Pod Description:

Bry goes to Orlando, Q takes issue with a friend, Sage drops a bombshell.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn


“Suck Bryan Johnson’s dick! He’s doin’ the right thing!” – Walt

“Gals love girth.” – Walt

“The theme parks are full of the tpe of people who go to theme parks during pandemics, they’re the least trustworthy people. You’re one of them.” – Q to Bryan

“It’s like Pavlo’s dog.” – Walt

“You hear that Reddit, ring a bell so I can get my chow!” – Bryan

“I wanna see an orca, fuck I wanna ride an orca.” – Bryan

“They really got this social distancing thing down until Sage wants to go on a roller coaster. I don’t think you could get sardines any closer in a can.” – Bryan

“C’mon I’ve done enough for you, now for you to do something for me.” – Bryan to Sage getting preferential seating at theme parks.

“I’m tired of seeing teenage boobs, never thought I’d say this.” – Bryan

“Looks like she’s going to a rap video.” – Walt about Sage

“Sage get dressed man, this isn’t a god damn sorority house!” – Bryan

“Save the boners of America” – Q

“Sometimes false confidence is all you got, bro.” – Bryan

“You can expect to spend weeks sitting in your own excrement.” – Walt

“This mother fucker has no allegiance ever.” – Bry about Ming

“Does Sage still have that bikini Bry?” – Walt

“Netflix and Chill all the way to Mars?” – Bryan

“Bro, your appearance is off putting. I don’t know what to tell you, can you put on a hat?” – Bryan

Memorable Moments:

Bryan is quarantining for two weeks after taking Sage and Maribeth to Orlando, Florida. Walt commends Bry for doing the right thing, even though Bry’s hackles were raised after the pilot came across as too authoritarian or parental for saying it was the expected thing to do. Bryan has poor experiences with the rental car companies who keep leaving dirty masks in their vehicles.

Sage keeps having wardrobe malfunctions when her one piece swimsuit keeps slipping in the pool.

In COVID news it is thought that the virus can now cause erectile dysfunction.

Bry is attacked by an unknown entity while in the hot tub with Maribeth and falls face first into the water. Maribeth thought his knee gave out and he was drowning, but was too in shock to help in any way.

Sage and Bryan have a deep conversation where Sage tells him she really likes her new aunt. Bry asks her if she knows what happened to Suzanne and Sage says ‘Yes, you shot her’. She has gone through the last few years fully believing Bry murdered Suzanne and has said nothing. Sage is ‘Ride or Die’ and Bry suggests Walt and Q go to her to help bury a body now instead of him.

Q notices Ming shilling for lots of local beer companies for the low price of a free six-pack. Q wonders if he should take this personally and start representing other podcast studios. Walt suggests putting Ming on retainer for a yearly price to only talk about R&H.

It’s revealed that a crewmember on Comic Book Men went behind Bry’s back to try and hook up with Suzanne after they broke up and Ming still invited him along to work tech at conventions.

Q wants to start doing R&H beer commercials in the style of different decades just so he can get to the wild 80s and 90s commercials with girls in bikinis.

The former head of Israel’s Space Program has come forward saying aliens are real and the US has already colonized Mars. He also claims Trump has not made the information public because the aliens say we aren’t ready.

Several mysterious monoliths have appeared across the globe.

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