#465: Wookiee Style

*Featured image by JohnVitaleArt

Pod Description:

Walt fears ice, The Mandalorian, Declan is behind the deep fake craze.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn


“They definitely like to get their freak on.” – Walt about Wookies

“I don’t really need to see a black cock.” – Walt

“No pain, no gain!” -Bry

“I guess a pandemic is a pretty good reason to break the streak.” – Walt

“If I change detergents I can die, a doctor told me.” – Walt

“I’ll die straight though, at least I’ll have that on my tombstone.” – Walt

“Yeah when I got checked suddenly I had a hankering for some Johnny Cakes.” – Q

“You treat your body like you do your car. I remember when the check engine light came on you just put something in front of it so you wouldn’t see it.” – Bry to Walt

“I hope I get sick and drop some pounds.” -Q

“I thought I was stronger than medicine like Walt but I was dead wrong” – Bry referencing opiates.

“My balance was like that of a Wilenda.” – Walt

“I’m going to quickly look up snow blower deaths.” – Bry on how Walt could maim himself

“Aww my middle finger, my dominant hand!” -Bry

“Disney should get in touch with Declan apparently he’s got all the fuckin tech.” – Walt

“Tonight I’m gonna go in the bedroom, close the door and say ‘tonight we do it Wookie Style'” – Bry

“Chick Fil-A is all straight white meat.” – Q

Memorable Moments:

Q is chagrined to be the heaviest he’s ever been in his adult life, says his body feels completely alien to him.

Walt is debating if he should end his 30 year streak of no medicine in order to get the COVID vaccine. Bryan also urges Walt to get a prostate exam since he’s of a certain age. Walt believes his mind is stronger than medicine.

A friend trolls Q with a picture of a big black dick disguised as a news article.

Bryan questions Q how much money it would take for him to consider hijacking a shipment of vaccine for sale on the black market. A hospital accidentally dumps 4/5th of the COVID vaccine not realizing there were multiple doses per vial.

Bryan mentions how his left arm is tingling constantly due to a crushed nerve and mentions needing surgery. He claims there is no worry for needing pain meds and returning to past habits as he is actually happy now.

A snow storm makes shoveling difficult for Bry and Walt while Q borrows his neighbors snow blower to get his drive done in record time. Walt considers buying a snow blower for himself but his wife chides him saying you have to know how to work it first.

TESD discusses the ending to Mandalorian and how the ‘girl power’ moment in the finale was handled so much better than the part in Marvel End Game.

Declan masters Deep Fake technology as he has amassed so much audio of Bryan, Walt, and Q that he can effectively make them say anything he wants.

Tom Cruise yells at a crew member on the set of Mission Impossible 7 for not following COVID precautions. Q recalls a time when Kevin had to yell at him when he was an employee of View Askew.

It is learned that Git’em’s computer is infested with pirated material when discussion of illegal downloads comes up. The Impractical Jokers movie was heavily pirated which could impact the making of a sequel. Walt believes they should go full Metallica on the industry and start a Jokers Jihad.

Did football player Lamar Jackson shit his pants?

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