#466: The Birdman of Staten Island

*Featured image by Mike Ward

Pod Description:

Christmas recap. Q’s etiquette is questioned. Would you hire a prison coach?.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn


“I have fucking tits, I don’t know what to do about myself.” – Q

“Get used to tuna, bitch! Cuz that’s all you’re gonna be eating for the next ten years!” – Walt

“There will be no little caveats to the press from me when Mike and Ming go down.” – Walt

“Are you talking Island time, or Bryland time?” – Bry

“I am Ophelia, I am yours and you are mine. I hate who you hate. Let’s make them pay.” – Walt’s original note to Sage

“Here’s what’s inside your head in case you didn’t know.” – Bry about Ophelia

“Well what you can do is write a check to Sage, and then write two checks for my girls” – Walt

“I thought it was BQ’s world and someone’s tellin’ me it’s not? Something’s outta orbit here, it’s askew and amiss. Oh well, fuck it” – Bry and Walt as Q.

“I’m like Jim Carrey in the Mask, Somebody Stop me…. I can’t stop.” – Q about M&Ms.

“I’m the Birdman of Staten Island.” – Q

Memorable Moments:

Permit issues in the town of Red Bank pushes the Secret Stash move back a few weeks. Walt says after COVID there is no urgency in anyone anymore.

TESD recaps their Christmases. Walt has Chick-Fil-A catering and chocolate fondue. Sage get’s a plethora of haunted dolls, including one that Walt made himself after hearing Bry brag about how hardcore she is. Sage is unsure what to make of Ophelia. Q celebrates with food and video games.

Q is worried he should have gotten a gift for Sage as well and acknowledges it as a blind spot of when it is and is not expected to give gifts. Walt assures him he can just pay for half going forward.

On Christmas Eve a huge storm blows out one of the windows in Walt’s house as rain comes pouring through the hole in the wall. Walt tells his daughters they will always remember this Christmas.

Q has gotten really into bird feeders and have set them up all around his yard. He was very excited to see 8 cardinals at once. Walt wonders why male birds get all flamboyant to attract girls, they should act more manly.

Aunt Becky is released from jail. In a prison riot who would win, Lori Loughlin or Martha Stewart? Aunt Becky hired a prison coach to teach her self defense. Bryan says no amount of self defense knowledge can save you by citing the case of Brazilian Jiujitsu expert Daryell Dickson Menenzes Xavier who was gang raped by 18 men. The Fuller House cast has turned their back on Lori Loughlin, Walt assures that he would never give up on any of his Comic Book Men castmates.

Has life gone back to normal after the New York Post is back to sensational headlines about Alec Baldwin’s wife faking her heritage rather than Trump or COVID news?

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