#467: Swan Song

*Featured image by Alex and Victor Juarez

Pod Description:

Bry, Walt and Q get melancholy when they record for the last time
in the Secret Stash. Also, giant wieners.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn


“We’ll get’em monogrammed!” – Walt about new podcasting chairs.

“Did you lose a bet to Frank 5 or something” – Q about Frank 5 celebration day.

“Double dip on this fucker!” – Walt

“They can pry it from my cold dead hands!” – Walt about the secret bathroom key.

“This felt has soaked up so many laughs.” – Walt

“Fuck the pandemic, it’s the three Barons!” – Walt

“I’ve got a marching band on retainer.” – Walt about the many celebrations he has planned.

“Paintings can’t be gay, Bryan.” – Bry as Maribeth.

“Holland has wooden shoes, how bout we get a giant fuckin’ dick!” – Bryan

“Do you remember when the cartoons were just two robots fighting each other?” – Q

“Oh he’s a hero because he put his dick back in his pants?” – Q

“I’ve been busted plenty, but never like this.” – Bry

“So it hears all those things I say about Mexicans?” – Bry

Memorable Moments:

This is the last episode of TESD recorded at 35 Broad Street, Red Bank, NJ. Would it be pretentious to call it the end of an era? Q thinks it ranks right up there with the fall of the Roman Empire. Walt reveals he will keep using the secret bathroom Mike confiscated a key to since it is professionally cleaned and he doesn’t see Mike or Git’em being too diligent in lavatory upkeep.

Bry asks if the old Poker Table will make its way to the new location. He’s not terribly attached to it saying they could upgrade to something more professional. Walt sees it as a security blanket to give him comfort in the new space as to not be just a soulless corporate entity.

Walt has an idea to celebrate a different citizen of TESD Town once a month where Ants could come in for a meet and greet with each. He suggests in October to have all three Barons there for a Halloween special.

The 10 year anniversary event that was postponed until 2021 due to COVID has been officially cancelled as the promoter doesn’t see a way it will be possible to host even this year and in no way would it be profitable even if they allowed 50% capacity.

The Union Beach Popeye’s restaurant has 3 hour long lines every time Walt drives by, despite the fact there are other Popeye’s in the area that aren’t nearly as busy.

Bry takes Maribeth to the Museum of Modern Art for her birthday. Bryan doesn’t understand why some things are given more value than others as art when it is all so arbitrary. He believes the self portrait Q did for Jokers Dinner Party is better than most things in the museum.

Tom Miloszewski sends Walt an article about a new children’s cartoon from Denmark about a man with a magically long penis. Why not a show about magic vaginas?

Walt rings in the New Year watching Pluto TV and texting Frank 5. Q watches Joel McHale and Ken Jeong who appears very intoxicated on Fox’s New Years coverage. Q claims he’ll never get that drunk on stage again. Bry celebrates at Troy’s house and notices ABC’s coverage is a full minute off.

Q surprised to learn that Cardinals are actually kind of assholes. Squirrels have dismantled his squirrel proof bird feeder. Walt asks if he’s ever considered raising chickens.

Walt has an extreme reaction to seeing a mouse in his house after Hurricane Sandy. Bry is surprised when his phone offers him deals on mouse traps after it has eavesdropped on their conversation.

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