#469: Qovid

*Featured image by @ericthemason

Pod Description:

Walt visits the post office. Bry and Walt consider a plowing business and reminisce about an old job.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn


“You gonna come here and give me a handjob?” – Q

“Lotta people must be poppin’ boners” – Bry

“They don’t ever come!” – Walt

“You really look good, I was expecting Tom Hanks in Philadelphia”- Walt to Q.

“I’ve been living with this for a year, a man of my stature!” – Q about his broken sofa.

“Sickness is a sign of weakness, so you hide it.” – Q

“Tim isn’t given to hyperbole like ol’ SargeL” – Bry

“1980s prices for friends.” – Q

“The other day on Twitter I said ‘Who’s the potato chip now'” – Bry to Q

“I think Karma is blind like Lady Justice, bro.” – Walt

“Don’t ever let the job get to you, don’t change. You have a pure soul.” – Walt to his favorite postal worker.

“Is nasal as good as anal?” – Q

“That’s a lot of abuse on the caboose.” – Q

Memorable Moments:

Q reveals he’s contracted COVID, presumably by shopping at a furniture store. Walt bemoans burning bridges with Burrow so Q could have ordered online. Walt reveals that both Tim the Record Store Clerk and SargeL18 have had and recovered from COVID. SargeL tells Walt that it is most certainly a bioengineered virus designed to kill within 48 hours.

Walt and Bry suffer through more snow shoveling. Walt looks into buying a snow plow blade to help with the task and is shocked at how expensive they are. He says he would put it on his Prius and just leave it on year long. He says he’d even plow out Q and Bry for cut rate prices.

Bry gets a message from Mack Weldon that someone from Q’s camp allegedly contacted them demanding free sweat pants and got quite irate when they refused. Q denies these allegations.

Sage turns 15 this week. Bry recalls an incident where she wears pajamas to her virtual classroom and while dancing in band class forgets she’s on camera absentmindedly flashes her class. Walt remembers a time Bry got him a job working with severely handicapped teenagers and within the first hour he had to change a 15 year old girl’s diaper. Walt quit soon thereafter.

Walt records an interaction at a post office where a worker is irate that someone keeps stealing the flat-rate shipping boxes and mistakenly thinks he is the culprit.

Bryan begins to realize Maribeth will likely have a whole second life after he’s dead and starts to resent her youth.

A soccer coach is fired for using the term “rape” as a sport’s metaphor. Walt sheepishly admits he’s been guilty of this in the past as well. Q says he uses it as a metaphor for contract negotiations.

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