#470: The Cult of Tom

*Featured image by @mingchen37

Pod Description:

Q is back in the pink, Bry has wanderlust, Bry and Q watch Flashdance.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn


“I was like, I wanted to see Chris Penn dance!” – Q

“He was walking around without a shirt on for really a weirdly amount of time”- Walt

“Dude you might chub up, look out.” – Bry

“Now they’re just clowning us.” Q about double masks vs one adequately thick mask.

“I’ll be like Jason in movie 2” – Q

“Knock wood, I feel like Frank 5 has roach-like qualities about him.” – Bry

“What do you think of your Golden Boy now?” – Walt as people online

“I wish I had that kind of juice to be like ‘Deb I’m comin home in two hours. Make sure there’s no workers there.'” – Walt

“If I just throw these in the lake it’ll all go away.” – Bry

“Your parking space is your birthright.” – Bry

“We got Sunday Jeff that’s all the sexiness we need, we got Git’em!” – Walt

“Go on your porn sites like urban outfitters if you want to see that shit.” – Walt

“Society has never been able to put a saddle on Bryan Johnson.” – Walt

Memorable Moments:

Q presumed to be COVID free after two weeks isolation. He believes he will continue wearing masks indefinitely as they give him a semblance of anonymity in public. Q is not alone in TESD-Town as COVID survivors as both Frank 5 and Tom Miloszewski have had it.

Bry and Q remember the creepiness of peep show booths and guys whipping it out in full view of several other men.

Ming has been pushing R&H beer weekly on social media. Walt even poses with a can during the most recent Puck Nuts recording. Tom Brady was celebrating hard during the parade, Walt says Q should photoshop some R&H into his hands. Walt says Tom Brady’s body is so pure that only a single sip of beer could get him loaded, just like how Bruce Lee was killed by aspirin.

Q says he is ready to join the cult of Tom.

Would Bryan be willing to become a scientologist if they promised him he would be as big as Tom Cruise? Q has a friend who did plumbing work at Tom Cruise’s house and there were strict rules in place where no one would ever interact with him.

Bry apologizes for calling Pam a pathological liar, saying she only lies to avoid being wrong about something. Pam once hid bills from the IRS from Bryan to avoid him getting upset.

Bry sees a video online of a guy killing his neighbors over a small dispute involving shoveling snow. Bry recalls all the neighbors he’s feuded with over his lifetime. Parking spots are a point of huge contention in the town of Highlands. Walt glad his mom no longer has to worry about other people parking in front of her house now that she has her own driveway.

The new webstore and brick and mortar set to open in last week of February. The TESD General Store wooden sign is donated by Ant Justin Christensen

Git’em is like a regular Bob Villa working around the store. Sunday Jeff walking around shirtless after getting in shape. Q suggests a Sunday Jeff workout video as done by Chuck Staton.

Walt gifted a 500 dollar KFC giftcard but is unable to use it when the clerk doesn’t believe it.

Bry looking for a mental health holiday to warmer climates.

Watching Flash Dance with today’s eyes is a strange experience. Walt believes Q looks like Kenny Loggins. Q admits he’s a big fan of Yacht Rock to Walt’s amazement.

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