#471: Poppin’ Da Cherry

*Featured image by Adam NishMa

Pod Description:

Bry, Walt & Q try out their new studio for the first time and talk about tossing trophies, Sucking Wandavision weiner and hermaphroditic birds.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn


“No you’re entirely in your right. We are white males past 50.” – Bry

“People are upset about this?” – Q “Just Bryan.” – Walt

“I know but here’s the thing, I have neither children nor French bulldogs. I’m like bring the crazy shit on, what’s the worst that can happen, I’ll be dead in 40 years.” – Q

“Yeah man, I’m transgendered.” – Bry

“If they can’t live without some human cutting them open to get the babies, it seems like an evolutionary misstep.” – Q

“We gotta ask a couple questions, Lady GaGa.” – Bry as the cops

“If it’s Git’em walking Cooper I’m like ‘How’s Cooper?'” – Walt

“I’m not sure this isn’t a publicity stunt to get her name in the news.” – Walt

“They should have canceled him, they should have destroyed his life.” -Walt

“If he drops it he’ll just win another one to replace it. ” -Q about Tom Brady

“I had to push him out of the way, I want some of that dick.” – Walt about Kev’s love of Wandavision.

“How many people committed suicide due to Mr. Potato Head?” – Bry

“Suddenly I’m trying to cross the Brooklyn Bridge and there’s a bunch of clones holding signs?” – Q

“And you wonder why we aren’t selling them?” – Q about the mini-skulls.

Memorable Moments:

This is the first pod recorded at the new TESD General Store and Podcast Space at 65 Broad Street. Video available at Patreon.

Q is COVID free but feeling some longer lasting effects which thankfully haven’t affected his new, less active, life style.

Lady GaGa’s French Bulldogs were stolen after the dog-nappers shot the dog walker 4 times. Walt claims he must be much more careful with Cooper due to how in-demand the breed is. They are apparently so rare and expensive because their litter size is so small and require C-Section surgeries to deliver the pups. Bry wonders if Lady GaGa’s first thoughts were for her dogs or the human being who was shot. She offers $500k reward for the dog’s return with no questions asked. Walt says that French Bulldog’s are the “in” dog breed because they are the closest thing to human babies with none of the responsibility.

The TESD General Store just might be the first brick and mortar podcast store, just like they were the first podcast on vinyl. A guest on Bryan’s other radio show “Would You Kindly” erroneously says he has released the first ever podcast on vinyl and the Twitter Ants swarm to call him out.

The TESD Ants attempt to get Tom Brady’s attention on Twitter by getting #BradyTESD trending. Walt says the effort is appreciated but ultimately he is glad Tom Brady didn’t respond as he’d be too nervous to talk to him.

Q was worried he looked like a creeper as he passed by the same attractive young lady three times while circling the new Stash looking for a parking spot.

The daughter of the designer of the Lombardi Trophy is demanding an apology from Tom Brady for how he disrespected her father’s legacy by tossing it around during the boat parade.

TESD discusses the Disney+ show WandaVision.

An extremely rare hermaphroditic cardinal is found in Eerie, Pennsylvania. Walt posits this is a sign from God to not be so shitty about gender issues. The Potato Head brand is dropping the gendered titles Mr. and Mrs. Walt believes this is great PR for getting a dying brand in the news cycle.

A rare breed of endangered ferret has been cloned. Is humanity playing God? The ferrets were given COVID vaccines before some humans. Ethics of human cloning discussed.

Illinois to fine people for selling GTA5 to minors. Rise in carjacking blamed on this 10 year old game.

Walt has stepped down from managing the Secret Stash and is remaining on as Chairman Emeritus. Mike Z will now be handling the day to day. Walt’s true feelings about the Prussian Kissing Mini Skulls is revealed.

Gina Carano should have just kept quiet to avoid being fired from Disney. She threw away that Star Wars money.

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