#473: Keep it De-real

*Featured image by Mike Duyn

Pod Description:

Q gives a Covid update, passwords, immortality, and yellow cardinals.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn


“Dude not even I’m riled up. If I’m not riled up no one’s riled up.” – Bry

“I think everybody needs drugs except me.” – Walt

“I’ll just FaceTime you during every shit I take, just in case.” – Q

“If they want you to put your head in a plastic bag, do it.” -Q

“Dr. Quinn, Medicine Man.” – Bry

“Funky Cold Moderna” – Walt

“I’m ready to move in just in case it happens.” – Bry

“Everybody in this situation, Fuck Off!” – Q

“You got COVID and they have you out there doing soft shoe!” – Bry to Q

“Sorry Carol Quinn, looks like your time’s up.” – Q

Memorable Moments:

Q checks in with an update on his health recovering from COVID. He says some days he feels fine and other days are hell and people should do everything in their power to avoid it. Because the virus can cause blood clots his doctors are prescribing intense testing due to his history of stroke.

Bryan self diagnoses himself with depersonalization disorder as he often feels like an observer to his own life.

Walt’s new full time job seems to be finding articles online to intrigue Q.

Bryan stops taking his rage medication as it slows his metabolism making him gain weight. Doctor puts him on Lithium instead. Will this lead to emo Bryan writing grunge songs? He is having trouble getting a refill for his Adderall due to healthcare red tape. Quinn could come to his rescue.

Q gets dose one of the Moderna vaccine. Both the 5s had it and Mrs. 5 had a bad reaction where Frank had to help her go to the bathroom for a week due to fatigue. Walt says he would be Q’s go to man if he needs help since he is semi retired. Bry suggests he could move in to be a full time bathroom attendant.

UK Green Party member Baroness Jones demands a 6pm curfew for men following the disappearance of a young woman. Not even Bryan can get riled up about this as it is so preposterous and out there.

TESD talks about the Oprah interview with Harry and Meghan, the former royals. Q, the resident UK expert has no love or interest in the Royal family. Q said out of all the Royals he could see him being friends with Harry the most, Walt thinks William has a stick up his ass bigger than he does. If Q was in Harry’s place and his wife told him to leave the life of luxury he would kick her to the curb.

Walt comes to the realization that he is retired, Bryan tells him you get used to doing nothing.

Walt reads an article about the hypothetical Dyson Sphere, which could make someone immortal. Because of all the footage and recording between the podcast and their TV shows an AI could realistically recreate their personalities just like an episode of Black Mirror. Q says that’s just like his life now, being drug out from death for someone else’s entertainment.

A rare yellow cardinal has been spotted in Illinois. How is this news?

Netflix is cracking down on password sharing. Bry doesn’t give Walt access to Maribeth’s mom’s Disney+ account. Walt suggests buying accounts for all the streaming apps through the company card so they can write it off as a business expense.

Q enjoys the new CW show Superman and Lois saying it’s classic Supes.

Q and Walt underwhelmed at the Wandavision finale. Q sides with the SWORD agent just doing his job against a literal super terrorist Wanda.

Should I Buy Comics be rebranded as The Gatekeepers?

May 2nd will be the first TESD celebration day at the General Store as Frank 5 comes for a Meet and Greet

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