#474: Retell’Em Steve Dave: Part Two

*Featured image by TESDTown

Pod Description:

The boys talk about days of olde with Kev Smith.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Kevin Smith


“You wanna take over the government?” – Kevin

“In fact, don’t ask me for photos.” -Q

“You gotta join the TezDee kids in TezDee town.” – Kevin

“They went in deep and hard and fast with no lubricant” -Kevin

“Balls deep son.” – Bry

I didn’t let any tears come out of these duckets.” – Walt

“It was like I was on coke!” – Walt watching Tom Brady beat the Falcons.

“Git’er done GOAT!” – Walt

“Git’em, Walter your son is fucking shit up!” – Kevin

“This is what happened when Ben got with J-Lo, you got married and became a fancy boy!” -Kevin to Bry

“If this image was on my coffin I’d be proud to be dead.” – Bry

“Sunday Jeff is a real talent, it might look like he’s comatose.” – Walt

“I’m glad that you love me, but I get that everywhere. What I need from you is sex.” – Kevin to Jen

“There’s no fear, only judgment.” – Q about Walt

Memorable Moments:

Continued from Part 1 SmodCast #440 Part 3 found at SmodCast #441.

Walt’s love of Tom Brady is dissected and compared to Kevin’s admiration of Wayne Gretzky. Walt maintains that he’s never been brought to tears from Tom’s triumphs, although a comeback victory against Atlanta came close. Walt believes he could be a good addition to Tom Brady’s crew and could talk him out of posting dubious things like kissing his son or father. Walt admits that he first started liking Tom Brady and Tim Tebow just to be a contrarian but has honestly begun to admire them.

A scrapped Comic Book Men banter involved a Flash Gordon scenario of which real world athlete the guys would believe capable of saving the world from aliens. Of course Walt said Tom Brady.

Kevin Smith was always surprised when Comic Book Men was renewed for additional seasons since they buried it in the middle of the night with no reruns. The only time he thought it was a shoe-in was after his heart attack but that’s when it was finally axed. Walt suspects it was for insurance reasons not wanting Kev to drop dead during filming. It’s revealed the AMC crew got awesome beach front rental homes during the shoot. Could Comic Book Men be saved if it got the same level of replay that Impractical Jokers does on TruTV? Kevin is on board with Q using his clout to reboot Comic Book Men.

Walt insists that Bryan’s wedding would have made for a great finale of Tell’em Steve Dave.

Are the Patreon exclusive gifts getting to become KISS level of slapping logos on everything?

Walt discusses how he likes to encourage the creativity and star power of others in Patreon, making Sunday Jeff and Frank 5 into hosts.

Q tells of his father working on a subway car nick named “The Meat Train” for how many suicidal people threw themselves on the tracks.

Kevin reveals that him and Walt got into the first real argument they’ve had in years when Walt confronted Kev on his daily use of weed. Kevin defends his habit by linking weed to every creative thing that has come his way in the past decade. Comic Book Men came from a smoke session with an AMC exec. Kevin believes fake Walt should have gotten an Emmy for his acting on CBM.

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