#475: King Thong

*Featured image by BSJett

Pod Description:

This week they talk about camping, Three’s Company, shrimp tails and whale tails.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Git’em Steve Dave

Sunday Jeff


“My father and I shared a bedroom” – Git’em

“Who’s happy for fish day?” – Bryan

“Can we talk?” – Sunday Jeff as Joan Rivers

“I learned it from you Mom!”- Bry as Git’em trying to stop his Dad’s snoring

“I’m susceptible to nature’s defenses” – Walt

“They might accentuate things.” – Git’em defends his thong.

“Can your silence be bought? Fuck Yeah!” – Walt

“It’s like if you told somebody your birthday was a different day than it was and got people to play along, it would be gaslighting.” – Git’em

“You are definitely on steroids.” – Walt to Sunday Jeff

“Do they even need a lift at Toyota anymore or do they just call you.” – Git’em to Sunday Jeff

“He’s a bit of an asshole isn’t he.” – Bry about God.

Memorable Moments:

Q is absent as he is taking a vacation. Walt claims Sunday Jeff is the Joan Rivers to Q’s Johnny Carson as a permanent sit in.

Git’em and his father once shared a one bedroom apartment. He would try to get his father to stop snoring by pinching his nose shut.

Bryan suggests the Sunday Jeff Show do an episode where they all go camping. Everyone seems on board. Sunday Jeff went camping at Lake Ontario once where he was recognized by a random forest hillbilly. Walt insists some Deliverance scene was about to take place. Git’em owns a hammock tent which leads Walt to ask about banana hammocks. Git’em admits he once bought one on clearance at Target.

Former SmodCo host Jensen Karp, who was responsible for the first late TESD drop, has gotten his 15 minutes of fame from finding shrimp tails in his Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Jensen is an example of a Milk Shake Duck when past girlfriends come forward claiming he was manipulative and abusive.

Other instances of horrific food finds include a lady who found a finger in her Wendy’s chili and a penis in the soup.

Walt is taught the meaning of the phrase “Gaslighting”.

Sunday Jeff is getting ripped and shares his work out routine. He sadly reflects he is not a vascular guy and doesn’t have popping veins.

Bryan asks Twitter who they prefer of the two landlords on Three’s Company Roper or Furley. This leads to a discussion of spin-offs of successful sitcoms where the person leaves a good thing to gamble on their own star power.

A hypothetical of who Sunday Jeff would confide in if he could talk to dead people. This leads to a discussion of the afterlife and the guy’s religious beliefs. Is permanent death when the last person who remembers you dies? Comic Book Men reruns on Pluto TV might be the key to immortality.

Frank 5 Day is looking to be much bigger than Walt expected with lots of special guests stopping by. Walt pleads the ants to keep low expectations.

Walt is likewise maintaining low expectations for Kong vs Godzilla.

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