#476: Devil Shoes

*Featured image by @AntKoolaid

Pod Description:

Spring break, new outlooks, and Kong vs Godzilla


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn


“I’m like ‘Is this the fuckin’ Muppets plane back here? This is insane!'” – Q

“She’s earned it, I don’t care how many bottles these mother fuckers break over their heads.” – Bry

“And people are like, ‘Why didn’t you like it? There was a podcaster in it!'” – Walt

“Are you smoking Kev’s weed?” – Q to Walt

“Let’s go find those MFers that stole that wheelchair and knock them out!” – Walt’s daughters

“You know what, maybe Bry’s right.” – Walt after hearing a guy went ballistic that Walt’s family got the last motorized wheelchair at the zoo.

“They were ready to curbstomp those women.” – Walt

“Tinkerbell will be delivering that HDMI cable before a fucking drone does.” – Walt

“On his tombstone, ‘Fuck Bezos’ he said it first.” – Bry about Walt

“That should be the new TESD motto: Maybe they’ll get it right next time.” -Walt

“This new me is getting cucked all over town!” – Q

Memorable Moments:

Walt and his family take a trip to the Cape May Zoo. After previous expeditions where he got quite the work out pushing his mother-in-law around with a wheelchair, Walt sprung for a rental of the motorized variety. At the end of the day when they return to rental they found that their original chair was missing and no one could locate it. Zoo employees believe an angry family took it after realizing that Walt’s family had rented the last one. A Zen Walt promises to buy her her own personal motorized wheelchair. Walt’s family decides that he is losing his testosterone since he was so Zen about the incident and not more angry.

R&H’s Four Color Demons brew has been received with many positive feedback. After talking with Tommy Lincoln Bry has determined that the 4 Color Demons have the most members of any motorcycle club in the world. Q wants to organize the demons with an internal government and different branches to organize more rallies. Walt suggests the Curator as president of the South East Chapter. Bryan suggests TESDGroupie as UK’s head, although Q thinks there might be some grumblings from the hardcore Manchester boys.

BQ retells of shabby treatment on his latest flight after he and his friend were locked out of checking in and were told they would have to re-book online. An agent was able to fix the problem for Q’s friend but refused to do the same for him and walked away swinging her keys as a power move. Q rebooks online and discovers they gave away his business class ticket and he has to sit in the way back where it is as chaotic as the Muppets plane.

Walt goes to a theater to see Godzilla Vs King Kong on the big screen and has never been more disappointed and angry after being let down so much in a film. He claims if he went back in time to 2014 to warn his younger self and Sunday Jeff after seeing the first in the series they would spit in his eye. He apologizes to Q for making fun of his reaction to The Force Awakens.

Walt goes on record to being one of the first to recognize Bezos as evil.

A 40 year old man dies in an amateur taco eating contest. What would Q’s reaction be if he heard his dad went out this way?

Lil Nas X ignites satanic panic for his music video twerking on the devil and releasing his satanic Nikes. Guffaw and Order to cover the 1980s Satanic Panic in a future pod.

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