#477: BTS 4 Eva!

*Featured image by Darren Darrionettes

Pod Description:

Knock out vs diarrhea, teaching birds to sing, what kind of puppet are YOU?


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn


“Well anything is more interesting than teaching a bird how to sing. You just look like a real tool doing that in your house.” – Walt

“I just crapped my pants.” – Bry

“Why am I gonna waste this week being positive when it’s only going to go back to the negative.” – Bry

“It was almost like he was acquiring a Lego set.” – Walt about Git’em getting his shot.

“I’m sure they’ll be happy to answer a non-boner related question.” – Q

“I thought you were a Bufferin man.” – Bry to Walt

“Git’em gets drunk on power more easily than a Natty.” – Walt

“You see me with four beers right now and I’m slurring. This isn’t the BQ you know and love from back in the day. This is a weakened version.” – Q

“Q wants to act Re-re again.” Walt as the other Jokers.

“Podcasting is for losers who couldn’t make it on radio.” – Walt as fictional critic.

“He’s the Solomon Rushdie of Rock and Roll.”- Bry about Gene Simmons

“I was getting pegged by my mistress earlier today and that’s why my asshole is so loose!” – Walt

“I’ve been alone, I’ve never been lonely.” – Bryan

“I would teach an Ant how to sing.” – Walt

“Do you wanna be a puppet who see’s the strings or doesn’t” – Bry quoting Walt

“Ignorance can be fuckin’ awesome.” – Walt

“Watch any episode of Impractical Jokers and watch my dignity die a slow death.” – Q

Memorable Moments:

Q gets his second vaccine. Bry is scheduled for his first. Git’em was super excited to get his first. Walt is on the fence after not having any foreign substance or medically prescribed drugs in his body in decades.

Frank 5 day on May 2 is set to be a much bigger event than Walt anticipated. Git’em has taken on the role of organizer and doorman along with his “Bad Cop” Tommy Lincoln. Two people will be admitted at a pre-determined time as dictated by a ticket they will receive. Each group of two will have 5 minutes to meet and greet with Frank 5 and there will be a huge meeting at The Dublin House where people can gather before and after their time.

Q reveals he was extremely rusty at his first Tenderloin live show after such a long hiatus and was having a panic attack looking at the audience in the eyes. He says in the past he would mix things up by doing the show in different “characters”, like an angry Q or a simpleton Q.

K-Pop fans declare war on Gene Simmons after he says in an interview that like all Boy Bands the fad will fade when the fans grow up and grow out of the craze. Would TESD fans go to the same lengths if someone was bad mouthing podcasters?

Bry asks if you were an elderly man with his missus would you rather be knocked out in a fight in front of her or lose control of your bowels.

An endangered bird loses ability to sing since it has never heard another of it’s kind. People are now trying to teach them themselves. Would Q take on that task as an avid bird lover?

What would Bryan do if he read Maribeth’s journal and found her reflecting on past romances?

Paris Hilton buys an expensive dog bag. Cardi B takes her 2 year old on a 29,000 dollar shopping spree. People should feel free to spend money on things that make them happy, like the TESD Patreon.

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