#478: The Spy Who F&@ked Me

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Pod Description:

Pet names, Sasquatch, fat news.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn


ReOccuring Segments

Fat News – Bry puts on 40 lbs since June and is wincing at old re-runs of Comic Book Men.


“Pe or Pi Pu Shi Pe Pow She Pi Pu, don’t try that Ming shit.” – Walt and Q

“Big ol’ hairy tits.” – Bry

“Everybody listening to this probably knew that ten minutes ago!” -Walt

“It’s going to be weird when my circle starts dying… I’m not looking at you for any reason.” – Q to Bryan

“When tranny tricking is your second worst offense.” – Bryan

“All’s fair in love and war but you draw the line at the old T-Trick” – Q

“That Bigfoot is stacked” – Walt

“She changed her name to Johnson and the demands are coming. She’s fighting with Edgar on the front lawn.” – Q

Memorable Moments:

Shock G from the Digital Underground dies. Frank 5 is distraught as he grew up doing the Humpty Dance.

Walt saw an article a 116 year old person who died just after their last birthday.

Q recalls a Russian woman who claimed to be the world’s oldest who only has had one happy day in her entire 129 year long life.

Q has been texting with Kevin more after the 3 part cross over with SmodCast.

Walt brings in the tale of Shi Peipu, a male Chinese spy and opera singer who posed as female and held a 15 year long affair with French Ambassador Bernard Boursicot who claims to have had no idea. Walt wonders why China just didn’t use a female spy. Git’em says they made a play about this story called M. Butterfly. Q announces it is no longer PC to use the phrase ‘Tranny Trick”. Walt thinks the art of seduction should never be used in espionage any way.

Walt is looking for a new Zippo connection after the last one fell through.

A new Hulu miniseries about the murder of three men teases that a Sasquatch might be the culprit. The Patterson footage is called into question. Is the subject of the famous video a female? Q has been watching Serial Killer documentaries such as Gacy on Peacock and Night Stalker on Netflix. He believes Night Stalker to be the worst killer in history. Bry talks about how Richard Speck got hormone treatments and was having the time of his life in prison. They get Troy on the line to talk about the Detective job.

Walt can not abide wearing jeans which he equates to a straight jacket around his waist.

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