#479: Rubber Feet

*Featured image by Tommy Lincoln

Pod Description:

Frank5 day reviewed, Git ‘em reveals a long buried secret, a man wields an unusual weapon against police.Comedy


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Git’em Steve Dave

Frank 5

ReOccuring Segments


“Yo I like your bracelet, I’m like ‘I like your choker.” – Bryan

“There’s more to life than the bottom line.” -Walt

“Now were you wearing Me Undies?” – Walt to Git’em

“If necessary I owuld have taken a bullet for Mrs. 5.” – Git’em

“So you think there’s a Chapman out there that wants to take out Frank 5?” – Walt

“Cue the music if he goes long.” – Walt

“That weekend showed me what a real family should be like.” – Frank 5

“Show up for five minutes, take a picture, then leave!” – Walt

“For that one day Red Bank became TESD Town.” – Frank 5

“You’re just as creepy as Ming now.” – Walt to Frank

“Edgar did offer me a cock sock in the shape of an elephant.” – Bry

“Sisterhood of the traveling panties.” – Git’em

Memorable Moments:

Frank 5 day is recapped. It was a huge party and Q was in for the long haul at both the Dublin House after party and the TESD Puppet Theater screening which was organized by The Curator. Git’em says the bouncer was giving a drunken Q the stink eye. Walt goes all out with signed lithographs and enamel pins for the day but neglects to keep a pin aside for the museum. Frank 5 thanks everyone for making the day special and for the signed pictures of Tim Conway and Carol Burnett that some Ants brought him.

Bryan reveals that Ming offered to give Maribeth a food rub that day and asks if it is weird that he’d be mad if it was anybody else but laughs because it was Ming. Walt says it is creepy and why Ming wouldn’t offer to rub Git’em’s feet since he could actually use it.

Maribeth’s mom offered to give her some hand me down lingerie when she didn’t get what she wanted out of it. Bryan says he would never be able to see her in it without thinking now of her mom.

Git’em recalls growing up with a lesbian mom joking with her about both liking the Sports Illustrated swim suit issue and the time he heard her in the throws of passion with her gym teacher lover.

A drunken man assaults police officers with his colostomy bag.

Bill Gates is getting divorced and now Walt wonders if the richest men in the world can’t make it work with their partners what hope does the normal man have.

Git’em caught in his undies by a female staffer while changing for a Patreon shoot.

A Johnson family ‘Girls Day’ leads Bryan’s nephew Hunter to request a guy’s night at a strip club. Bry thinks he owes it to the audience to make it happen and take Edgar.

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