#481: Silent Sufferin’

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Pod Description:

Hair metal tattoos, Q saves Bry from a nursing home, who in TESD shows toxic masculinity?


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

ReOccuring Segments


“Did he once urinate on the floor?” – Bryan

“I wanted to say to Walt, I love you.” – Bryan

“Are you trying to break down my walls here?” – Walt

“Your tender walls.” – Q

“My sugar walls?” – Walt

“I wanted to talk to you about beer and alcohol in general.” – Walt to Q

“This is an intervention.” – Bry

“Have fun with your brain cells dyin'”- Bryan

“He’s still out there trying to steal free comics from me.” – Walt

“I don’t know how to mix chemicals and shit, what am I a scientist?” – Walt

“She’s like what, is butt fuckin’ next?” – Bryan as Maribeth about bro-love

“Hurhurhurhur, where’s the shakes Grimace?” – Bry

“It opens at noon for me, I let you come in at 11 because you got no where else to go!” – Walt to Git’em

“I’ll put my stream up against your stream any day!” – Walt

Memorable Moments:

Q flies down to Memphis to surprise his parents with a special visit to Graceland helped with his connections he made there.

Walt reads an article that says that any amount of alcohol, no matter how small can cause brain damage. He enjoys being able to say “I told you so.” Walt wonders how his customer that he used to deliver comics to has survived so long with his wet brain when seemingly healthy people drop dead all the time. He hasn’t changed at all in the 10 years since TESD has started.

Q ponders the cover to Poison’s Flesh & Blood album of the band’s name and album title as a tattoo and wonders if people ever look back and regret getting it in real life. Would there ever be a time where it comes around to be cool again?

Bry catches heat on Reddit after last week’s annoyance at the mask confusion.

Bryan hangs out at Q’s house but the constant fall of white petals stops him from swimming in his new pool. Q’s pool boy can’t keep up with the pollen.

Bryan takes the time to tell Walt that he loves him, making Walt very uncomfortable. Bry wonders why he can say it so freely to Q, Sal and Mewes but has never told Walt.

Bry asks Walt what he would do if on the Grand Canyon Road Trip Maribeth disappeared between stops and Bry told everyone she ran off with a trucker. Would they believe him? Q says the real question is why Bry is not more upset and is still going along with the trip. Bry wonders if Frank and Mrs. 5 would invite him into their bed.

Q says if there is ever a time Maribeth is shopping around for a nursing home for Bry, that he would take him in with his IJ money. He could do water aerobics in the pool.

Would IJ continue if Q was transitioning from male to female? Q doesn’t think so as the guys wouldn’t be able to make fun of him.

Q goes through a list of hair and glam metal stars to see if he can be considered a fan of the genre. Once it gets to Bon Jovi he has to admit it.

Walt finds an article about Toxic Masculinity and reads through the examples to see if they are guilty of it. Examples include making fun of people wearing safety gear, making fun of guys wearing purple, making fun of guys that admire female athlete, being subservient to their wives, and not being into cars. Walt admits he has been the perpetrator and the victim in several of these.

Some highlights of the General Store logbook are read. Git’em has been leaving stuff all over the place but Walt doesn’t chastise him because it would be toxic to chide him for his pack rat nature.

China bans Doctor Who and all time travel related pop culture. Walt and Q think it might be because they are trying to hid the truth that they have discovered the secret.

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