#482: In Praise of a Bear Girl

*Featured image by @MattTesd

Pod Description:

Man-eating birds, skin cancer, overthinking, and Hitlearning.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

ReOccuring Segments

Hitlearn Something New: Two Dutch sisters hunt Nazis and Groucho Marx dances the Charleston where Hitler died.


“It’s an indictment on science and I don’t give a fuck!” – Walt

“I hit-learned something.” – Q

“That semen becomes weak and just kinda bump into each other like Three Stooges.” – Walt

“He fuckin’ contemplated his relationship with his dad, saw there was nothing there and he got upset about it? How weird is that?” – Q

“Oh you got daddy issues? Get in line!” – Walt

“If your own parents don’t love you, what chance do I have? – Bry

“Yeah isn’t it great that level of regret. Like I fucked up!” – Bry

“You don’t even know what would be in that shack, whether it’s food or a deranged seaman.” – Walt

“I trust this science because they’re payin’ us.” -Walt

“As soon as they stop paying us, they go on the Faucci pile.” – Bry

“If an hourglass figure can be masculine he has it.” – Walt about Git’em

“Git’em has it easy compared to what Bubbles had to endure.” – Walt

Memorable Moments:

According to Screen Rant Batman is a billionaire aristocrat that goes around beating up poor people. Q says his money is a mere plot device to explain where he gets all his gadgets and not a political commentary.

Walt has been in a funk a few weeks ago after realizing he never had a relationship with his dad. For two weeks it just hit him hard and then he came to terms with it but is left wondering why it took 50 years for it to be an issue. This leads Q to ask if Walt has ever thought about therapy and says how much it has helped him. A therapist tells Bryan that he dates needy people just to prove to himself that he is worthy of love due to his relationships with his parents.

Could this contemplative period be due to Walt’s youngest daughter graduating High School? Is his relationship with his father why Walt has a hard time opening up to people and hearing “I Love You” from men?

Walt is aghast at Bryan going to a weird sea food shack and risking mercury poisoning. Bry sees a 9 pound lobster and wants to set it free. Q claims that lobsters can be biologically immortal.

Bryan witnesses a seagull pluck a fish out of the sea and imagines how life would be different if birds were big enough to do that to man.

Calling back to an earlier discussion, footage came out of a woman fighting off a bear to protect her dogs.

Would people blow up Mount Everest to protect people from climbing it and dying?

Walt believes in Git’em and his dream of fathering children one day but he needs to hurry up as his sperms are getting old and senile. Walt compares Git’em’s missing teeth to Michael Strahan’s gap. It is revealed Git’em has not shaved his beard since his fire.

Q gives a recap of the after hours Graceland tour he took with his parents. Bry asks if Neverland will ever get the same reverent treatment. Bubbles the chimp is enjoying retirement.

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