#488: Channel 1,000,000

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Pod Description:

Sal Vulcano joins the boys to talk Fed-ex delivery, anniversary gifts, Rumpology, and below-the-belt anatomy.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Sal Vulcano

ReOccuring Segments


“We did talk about his wife’s asshole a lot.” – Q

“But I think you can talk about a person’s asshole without a problem.” -Q

“I think it was as tasteful a conversation you could have about an asshole.” – Walt

“I feel like a cicada” – Sal

“If I had 10% of the output of this guy I wouldn’t want to kill myself constantly.” – Bryan

“I don’t want to spoil anything but even with the output I’m already there.” – Sal

“I’ve never seen so many spray painted penises in my life.” – Sal

“Didn’t the CDC say that flashing was against the COVID guidelines.” – Walt

“Maribeth was flashing but she had two masks over her nips.”- Bryan

“So many assassinations in the 80s I get them confused.” – Walt

“That sounds like a mental prison”- Sal about Walt

“Did you hear the good news? I don’t need a fuckin’ receipt!” – Bryan

“I was at Fantasies reading the future left and right.” – Q

“I have kids, they’ll never save the day.” – Walt

Memorable Moments:

Sal Vulcano returns to the podding table for the first time since episode 300.

Walt is looking forward to watching The Suicide Squad in the theaters. He never believed Starro would be in a film.

Was Jared Leto’s backstage antics on the original Suicide Squad a PR stunt?

Bryan and Maribeth’s first anniversary is coming up, the Paper Anniversary. Sal suggests getting tickets for a trip or a show. Walt suggests Bry learns origami. Bry says he should just fake a suicide note and the gift is that he’s still alive. Funeralz?

Sal is amazed at the quality of Patreon gifts TESD is releasing and marvels at how hard Walt works on it.

Walt leaks that TESD is releasing an 8-track podcast from the people that made Dolly Parton’s Christmas Album.

Git’em has been walking with Walt and his wife for 2 hours a day, three times a week. Walt reports that Git’em is doing his best to tone down his fact telling. Git’em was nervous about what Debbie thought of him.

Bryan asks if he was an asshole at a FedEx when he was trying to just drop off a package and the clerk told him he had to wait in line and get a receipt. When Bryan got to the front of the line was told a receipt was not necessary, Bry made sure to tell the first clerk the good news.

Walt amazed you can get packages shipped to Walgreens or Subway and pick them up there.

Walt recalls a man in the 1980s that could read backsides like a fortune teller read palms. Sal suggests getting a rumpologist on the pod to take everyone’s readings. Jackie Stallone, Sly’s mother, was a renown believer in rumpology. Walt’s example of a perfect butthole you’d want to read is Donna Dixon from Bosom Buddies.

Q shoots a scene for Clerks 3 and reports it was great seeing the whole cast back together, tells Bryan everyone is looking forward to his and Walt’s cameo.

Dan Ackroyd stole Donna Dixon from Paul Stanley. When Q realizes his comedy idol is married to Donna Dixon he feels guilty about how much they spoke about her butt.

The New Ghostbuster trailer is discussed. Walt does not want another movie where kids save the day.

Q and Sal reminisce about different times they’ve embarrassed themselves on talk shows. Sal’s jokes fall flat on Live with Kelly and Chris Pratt and Q accidentally insults Rosie O’Donnell on The View.

Sal’s friend Mark Normand makes a morning show host uncomfortable.

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