#490: Balls!!!

*Featured image by Eric Mason

Pod Description:

Bry and Maribeth celebrate their first anniversary, What If, Walt and Bry on the set of Clerks III, Q creates sexual magic.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

ReOccuring Segments


“A marmoset took a liking to me” – Bryan

“I’m a fuckin’ adult!” – Walt

“I don’t like balls, I don’t like Daisy”- Bryan

“There’s no sun and no fun.” – Q

“You’re 50 years old you fucking moron!” -Walt

“This might be the last shot at the piñata for these guys.” – Walt about Ghostbusters.

“My balls are being ridden like they were manscaped.” – Bry

“Can’t we just drink bleach? USA USA USA!” – Q

“Do you think he’ll be wearing underpants?” – Walt about Fin Fang Foom

“Oh Maribeth writing copy now?” – Walt

“Imagine if she marries you and cheats on you with Q” – Bry about Walt and his sister.

“Year one it’s good to set up it’s not gonna get better than this.” -Walt to Bryan

“What, are you warm wifing Git’em?”- Q

“Strict no buns policy over here?” – Bryan about Git’em cutting carbs

“You don’t seem retarded to me.” – Bry as Debi Flanagan.

Memorable Moments:

Bryan was supposed to be at Q’s for some sun and fun but neither exists.

Q is excited for the Ghostbusters reboot. Walt warns him not to get his hopes up like he did with Kong VS Godzilla. Q predicts the ghost of Egon to appear.

Bry only texts Walt when he needs to record and adhere to the ads that Maribeth booked.

Walt cuts himself using Manscaped, Bry warns to take it back since one of the talking points is it’s nick free technology.

Walt did not enjoy “Daisy of Love”

Walt and Bry filmed their scenes for Clerks III. It was so hot that day Bryan thinks he got heat exhaustion. Walt got a sweet trailer and got to power nap before his scene. Bryan’s scene was scheduled for the same day as his 1 year anniversary to Maribeth. He had planned a fancy dinner at a steak house but after the filming he felt too sick and suggested Subs in the hotel instead. Walt gets looks from the crew when he says he’d rather run to McDonalds instead of ordering off the fancy healthy menu he is handed on set.

Bryan inspired to write 20 pages of Vulgar 2.

Walt warns of the Lambada varient.

TESD discusses “What if?” and “Shang Chi”

Walt reveals that he took Bry’s sister (Sage’s mom) to her senior prom. Bry asks “What If?” Walt married her and joined the Johnson clan. Bry remembers a time she was hitting on Fireman Q a long time ago. What if she drives Walt to suicide like Sage’s father.

Q coins the term “Warm Wifing” as the less swingery version of “Hot Wifing” where Bry likes to see other people paying attention to Maribeth.

Walt rewards Git’em with lunch at Roy Rogers after a 2 hour walk. Debi has adopted Git’em much like Walt has and offers to pay for his food like they would for their girls.

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