#491: We don’t watch birds, birds watch us.

*Featured Image from TESD Patreon


Labor Day weekend, has TESD gone PC, conspiracy theories.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Mentioned Person:


“he may have found the fountain of youth, what is that? vonce de la playon” – Walt

“I don’t like to align myself with China. You know me, I bleed red, white, and blue.” – Q

“China is the biggest movie market in the world. Maybe, just maybe their evil communist regime will guide our ships back to the hunky seas.” – Q

“Celebrities need saving over there!” – Walt

“He’s so good looking he makes me want to get in the chair and fall out.” – Bry

“If I was Casper I’d be watching out for my dick right now.” – Walt

“You got to have a closed casket because you have your dick in your mouth.” – Q

Memorable Moments:

There is a complaint on Twitter that TESD has gone too PC for not ripping on Biden. Years ago they received the same complaints for not ripping on Trump. TESD is not a political show. Walt says politics have overtaken religion for most taboo topics to talk about.

China bans effeminate men in the media. Nashel says Comic Book Men could never be shown over there. Walt wonders if a regulatory board oversees the decision of what is effeminate.

Q sees a movie preview for a Swedish film called “Last Man Down” and claims it is a throwback to 90s-early 2000s era ass kicker flicks.

China also prohibits teenagers from playing more than 3 hours of video games a week, and only on weekends. They limit celebrity pay and do not allow children of celebrities to appear on reality show.

Q says AEW is the best thing on TV. Someone the guys know is working on a pilot for micro wrestling. People aren’t supposed to use the term “midget” on set but the little person performers won’t stop saying it. TESD remembers Hulk Hogan’s little person wrestling program on TruTV.

Bry attends a Labor Day party at Q’s place. Q can’t defeat Joe DeRosa at beer pong. Maribeth finds a way to fall out of a chair that is supposed to be impossible to fall out of. Bry sees she is ok and laughs it off until a hunky bystander helps her up.

In this Overkill episode Walt discusses numerous Conspiracy Theories.

Is Mattress Firm a front for the Russian Mafia? Q is more scared of the Russian mob than the Italian one because the Russians mess with your dick.

Why did the Iranian government buy so many military grade Russian dolphins?

Did Disney release the movie Frozen so that Google searches would stop returning hits of Walt Disney’s frozen corpse?

Are all birds seen today merely government drones?

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