#489: TESD of Love

*Featured image by @BSJett

Pod Description:

Suicide Squad, reality tv, and erroneous tipping.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

ReOccuring Segments


“I’m obviously not as bad as the poor woman who ended up in a suitcase but we were victims as well as it turns out.” -Q

“Women only have one role I’m comfortable being a part of that.” – Q

“Oooo, you might want to distance yourself” -Walt

“I can actually dry swallow pretty good.” -Q

“Almost like a butt plug for your ear.” – Walt

“Walt’s got gaped ears.” -Q

Memorable Moments:

Walt running late as he forgot his mic at home. Q and Bry take the opportunity to take the piss out of him.

Bryan and Q go down to Elvis days in Tennessee where Adam Green tells Q he has to watch an 11 year old reality show called “Daisy of Love”. Q watches every single episode over three times in three weeks. He claims episode 5 is the funniest episode of television he ever saw. He has also been devoting much time and resources trying to track down what the contestants are up to today.

Bry talks about how the winner of season three of “I Love Money” killed his girlfriend where some cast members of “Daisy of Love” were contestants and due to the crime the season was never aired.

Q is a celebrity judge at the official Graceland Elvis tribute artist competition. There was a fire at the hotel and Q refused to leave. A music journalist’s wife tells everyone that they did anal on their first date.

TESD discusses Suicide Squad and agree it was a very fun movie and that Starro stole the show.

Walt accidentally tips 20 dollars on a single slice of pizza and can’t find a way to retrieve it and worse off no one saw.

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