#492: Space Monkeys – Four’s Company

*Featured Image from TESDTown


Cookie etiquette, aging rockers, squirrels.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Frank 5

Mentioned Person:

Reoccuring Segments

Space Monkeys


“You think he’s warm wifing?” – Q

“You know those claw machines don’t count as games.” – Bry

“We’re all pawns in Walt Flanagan’s game”- Q

Memorable Moments:

Walt is in Atlantic City so the Space Monkeys convene. Q and Bry call Walt to find out why he went to AC and discover he and Debi have gone to see an Alice Cooper concert with Frank 5 and Mrs. 5. Walt claims they were the youngest people there and all the old folks were raising their walkers in the air to rock out. Walt says he caught the gambling bug playing Black Jack. Bry suggests Frank 5 get an apartment in Jersey for as much as he is down here for Patreon. Frank says he could move in with Git’em.

Q reveals he has been in a depressive state as of lately the likes he has not seen in years.

Bry sees Megadeath and nearly falls down some steps where a security guard has to catch him. Bry wonders how this affects how Maribeth see’s him, if he is like a used car whose stock is constantly depreciating.

Q hooked on Letterkenny on Hulu. Bry watches Lularich on Amazon about a leggings pyramid scheme.

Q feeds a squirrel who he has named Stumpy for over a year, enjoying the bonding time they’ve had together. One day Q see’s Stumpy getting humped and discovers she was a girl all this time. Stumpy became pregnant and has disappeared for months. Q misses the carefree days of Stumpy’s youth. The baby squirrels appear but without Stumpy and Q vows to take care of them in Stumpy’s memory. One day she returns and Q is elated.

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