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Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Mentioned Person:

Reoccuring Segments


“Does he get married or does he die, it’s one of the two.” – Q

“Some might say it’s one in the same.” – Walt

“The cowboy in the village people isn’t as homoerotic as the original Lone Ranger was.” – Walt

“Oh my achin’ yam bags.” – Bryan

“Remember when concerts used to be fun?” – Q

“Don’t you want to see what side of the room is louder?” – Bry

“They propbably say it on Reddit ‘ I wish he would just O.D.'” – Bryan

“Diana Prince lives on an island full of women, you gotta do what you gotta do, bud. It’s like prison rules.” -Q

“Is that a comic book or a Men’s magazine.” – Bryan

Memorable Moments:

Bryan makes good on his paper anniversary gifts with tickets to go see Maribeth’s favorite band “Blue”. Bryan was addressed by the lead singer for his beard then tells stories about having his kids taken from him do to his drug use.

Q celebrates his parent’s 50th anniversary by renting out the creator of the Lone Ranger’s boat. The cast of the Sopranos also used to rent this boat for parties so the décor was a mix of cowboys and gangsters. Walt recalls a time in the 80s where the actor who played the Lone Ranger in the original show used to go around to hospitals dressed in character but was given a cease and desist by the owners of the copyright. He wasn’t allowed to call himself the Lone Ranger or wear a mask so would wear black sunglasses.

Superman’s son comes out as bisexual. Q liked the character before they aged him up and was hoping they undo it but now says that’s unlikely. DC has many bi characters. Variant Robin covers feature beefcake pictures of the hero.

Walt says the Bond movie was better than he thought it’d be.

Tom Cruise looking puffy.

Walt wants Blue Chew to give free samples he can give out at the Studio.

Rolling Stones retire Brown Sugar. Could Q tour as long as the Stones have?

Bryan asks why Walt allows Git’em to tweet about the NY Rangers.

A Halloween display at the site of a real triple murder in bad taste.

Discussion of the Halloween parade and how long you are allowed to look at women in sexy costumes before it’s creepy.

COVID has a new side effect, Restless Anal Syndrome.

A man has ejaculated out of his anus.

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