#496: Devil’s Beef

*Featured Image from @TESDTown


UFO cults, Alec Baldwin, Leaf peeping, Walt celebrates.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Mentioned Person:

Reoccuring Segments


“Bullshit, open that fuckin’ gate. I’m comin’ in!” – Bry

“You got a piece of crap I can eat?” – Walt

“What’s goin gon. My son’s gay and I can’t say America Way anymore?” – Q as Superman

“What orderly has the job to wipe Michael Myer’s asshole?” – Walt

Memorable Moments:

Q is suffering from hiccups and is looking for a cure. Walt used to love when his girls would get hiccups because then he could scare them.

When in a relationship do you let your guard down with bodily functions. Walt never found farts funny. Walt once saw a guy at the rec shoot a fireball out his ass. A firefighter at Q’s old station was horny for farts.

Q feels represented seeing an older catwoman trying to get back in the game after being gone for a while. Superman has changed his slogan to “Truth, Justice and a Better Tomorrow.” instead of “American Way”.

Walt takes down the casinos in AC with his bizarre Blackjack tactics.

Bry plans on taking Maribeth and Sage to New England for some leaf peepin’.

Sage bursts in Brys room with a cross saying there’s a demon knocking at her door.

Alec Baldwin accidentally shoots someone with a prop gun that wasn’t properly cleared.

People get tattoos with Charles Manson’s ashes.

Male bee’s testicles explode after sex.

Europe has a new STD that rots genitals.

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