#497: The 2021 TESD Halloween Spooktacular

*Featured image by @BSJett


The white and gold Barons compete against the Devil to rescue Dollah Shave’s soul from hell. Plus the annual ‘most offensive Halloween costume’ list. With exclusive bonus game commentary!


Walt Flanagan

Bryan Johnson

Brian Quinn


Git’em Steve Dave

Sunday Jeff

Mentioned Person:


“The world needs Dollah Shave more than ever.” – Q

“Gi’tem you need to accept him, you gotta spread your petals and let him come inside.” – Baron

“There’s only the Baron, there is no Walt today.” – Baron

“If I ever see him face to face I’m gonna piss in his face.” – Baron about Walt

“He’s too buff to be a Holocaust victim.” -Bry about Sunday Jeff

“He’s definitely taking steroids from Mexico.”- Baron about Jeff

“Sexy zombie Lucille ball should be THE costume of 2021.” – Baron

“Aren’t we all mentally ill? Well supposedly my alter ego isn’t, but I have my doubts.” – Baron

“Sometimes I think there’s a decimal point in that 148.” – Bryan

Games Played:

Kaiju guess what I look like – Dollah must guess the name of a Kaiju monster based on a physical description from one of the Barons.

Tossing the Salad- Team Dollah must toss a pumpkin back and forth more times in 60 seconds than Team Devil.

Diagnosed Ghost- Team Dollah must name the famous ghost based on the Baron’s description.

On Your Knees- Team Dollah must win a relay race against Team Devil where a pumpkin is held between their legs and each person must pass the pumpkin to their team member without using their hands.

Monster Moniker- Team Dollah must name the Cryptid that is native to the location named.

Bust a Nut- Team Dollah must break open more peanuts back to back than Team Devil.

Spooky Stats- Team Dollah must guess the answer to the Baron’s statistical questions.

Mummy Wrap-up- Team Dollah must break free from their toilet paper binding faster than Team Devil.

Reel or Rubbish- Team Dollah must decide if a B horror movie title belongs to a real film or made up by the Baron.

Plunging it Deep- Team Dollah must cross the room with a toilet paper roll on the end of a plunger held in between their legs and stick it to the wall faster than Team Devil.

Fear my Name- Team Dollah must guess what someone is afraid of based on the name of the phobia.

Weiner Weiner- Team Dollah must guide 3 hotdogs from the hotdog belt into 3 toilet paper rolls quicker than Team Devil

Memorable Moments:

Good Housekeeping’s 15 most offensive Halloween Costume list.

Git’em wanted to dress as the QAnon Shaman but Walt talked him out of it.

Audio commentary of the Video version released on Patreon with break aways to discuss it Makin’ Hay style.

Dollah Shave, who has been cancelled since 2015, must compete to break free of Cancelled Character Hell with the help of the White and Gold Barons. Standing in their way are the devil’s Tom and Git’em.

The Rainbow Baron shirt has not been selling so for every game Team Dollah win’s the Baron will knock off 2$ from the price.

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