#498: Cometh the Early Bird


TESD Town studios goes through growing pains, Bry peeps leaves, Bill Murray, Jon Bon Jovi rest stop.


Walt Flanagan

Bryan Johnson

Brian Quinn

Mentioned Person:


“I would prefer the dicks” – Q

“Cuz that’s what’s it gonna bring you to, just a constant state of climax.” – Walt

“There’s fentanyl coming out of every orifice, but some fuckin’ hero was ‘oh my gosh’ the plates!” – Walt

“I can go for some jacuzzi action after a day of leaf peepin” – Bry

“Maribeth grab the checkerboard in case we gotta wait.” – Walt as Bry

“It’s not as cool as lookin’ at a KFC” – Walt

Games Played:

Memorable Moments:

Walt is dealing with supply chain issues.

New sign on the directory reads ” TEST town studios”

TESD Patreon commemorative plates seized at the border by customs agents for fear of lead based paint.

A sticker misprint leads Q to remember the time he made the call to accept misprinted Vulgarthon shirts for a 50% discount.

Bry went peeping for leaves but he didn’t go far enough north to see the good leaves. The hotel double booked his room so he and Maribeth got upgraded to a bigger suite where Maribeth found weed gummies in a drawer. Bry clogs the toilet but doesn’t want to call down to request a plunger, how much extra should he have tipped housekeeping? Walt would have just bought a plunger at a local store. Bry get’s the early bird special at 4:45 since 7 would have been too late.

Q learns the hard way that flushable wipes were falsely advertised when Igor the plumber had to reach into his pipes bare handed to fish out the feces.

Q and Sal have a corner office in a Manhattan office building that overlooks St. Paul’s cathedral.

A truck driver wins state assemblyman in NJ.

Aaron Rogers lies about vaccination status.

Q stands up for holistic medicine when Benjamin Cat is feeling better after doing powders and shit.

Walt reveals plans for Black Friday, Dollah Shave Mondays in December, Golden Baron on New Years Eve. The Christmas episode this year will be Overkill.

Cheesequake rest stop changes it’s name to Jon Bon Jovi. Q reveals a sexual liaison he had at that very rest stop after a View Askew event. Newark airport cell phone lot revealed to be a hookup place for gays. Q stops there to take a call and is worried about being recognized.

Git’em did not like Dune.

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