#499: Castawayed!


The boys go to the movies, Q has a scare, Walt puts some hair on his chest, what if the mafia wanted your house?


Walt Flanagan

Bryan Johnson

Brian Quinn

Mentioned Person:


“Fuck dude, I’m more manlier than I thought” – Walt

“Who’s feeble now?”-Bry

“I’m gonna start calling the dude ‘Country Time’ he’s making more lemonade that anybody!” – Bry

“A nice five year siesta sounds good to me.” – Q

“Those celestial didn’t think this through, millions and millions of years putting dongs on robots.” – Q

Games Played:

Memorable Moments:

Walt goes to pick up the TESD General Store sweatshirts from the local printer and noticed the Walt head had no teeth. Apparently someone that is ‘good with computers’ sent the wrong Vector file. Walt puts a spin on the ordeal saying the blackness of the mouth stands for Black Friday.

An ant in customs tries to help Walt with the plates fiasco.

The guys go to see Eternals in the theater. They enjoyed the cosmic-ness of the film. Walt balks at Disney removing the gay kiss in foreign market.

Would you rather have survived the snap or came back 5 years later?

What if Bryan used his carjacking as an opportunity to fake his death and start a whole new life.

Q goes out drinking in NYC and has a medical episode where he loses vision, gets dizzy and faints on the sidewalk until he is roused to consciousness with the alphabet song.

Blood of My Enemies Bourbon sponsor the pod and Walt breaks decades of no alcohol by sipping a capful.

What would you do if a mobster wanted to buy your house? What if Walt was shook down for protection money?

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