#502: Covid Chuck


Walt makes his triumphant return, Hawkeye, and camel beauty contests.


Walt Flanagan

Bryan Johnson

Brian Quinn

Mentioned Person:


“Can I get more Hi-C”- Walt

“We’re filling your orders, you’ll get Hi-C later.” – Walt’s daughters

“Merry Christmas baby, here’s a medical procedure.” – Walt

Games Played:

Memorable Moments:

Walt realizes his sickness in 2019 probably wasn’t Covid, as this time it was much worse with him in a fever for 14 days straight. Walt was hospitalized after fighting it for days. Walt unwilling to part with his MeUndies at the hospital. Walt contemplates horse tranquilizers from “Joe Rohan”.

Walt was upset he had to miss Black Friday, realizes Chuck spread Covid to him and Git’em while recording the Black Friday spot. Some random guy threatens to kick Q in the face several times at the event.

Walt’s daughters take over the shipping of orders and Maribeth runs the shop while Walt is out.

Maribeth clogs up a sink by pouring green chef gel down the sink.

Camel beauty contestant expelled for using Botox.

Benjamin Cat has pep in his step after Q realizes the CBD oil he was using was the cause of his seizures.

Walt missed Cooper after having to quarantine away from him.

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