#503: 30 Years of Nuthin’

Pod Description:

Socially distanced Santa, covid, Bry eats a cracker, Spider-Man, Q gets traumatized


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn


“I gotta be honest, it won’t be as meaningful coming from your assistant.” – Walt

“We can put Elon Musk up against Git’em and see who’s smarter.” – Walt

Memorable Moments:

Walt, Debi, and the 5’s hit up the flea market looking for some deals.

If Bry choked to death on a peanut butter cracker after Maribeth said “Have some, it won’t kill us.” does she need to disclose her comment to police?

Q accidentally clicks on a reddit link to a picture of a decapitated child soldier.

What would the repercussions be for TESD and IJ if it is discovered Q has a Gacy like kill room in his house? Would he call into the XMas show from prison?

Edgar turns 75.

Walt likes when people call to check up with him. Q says he can have his assistant do it.

Walt wonders how much texting is too much now that he finally has Dave Wyndorf’s phone number. How did Bry and Piggy D or Q and E.K. Morris handle it

Who is the Yoko of IJ?

TESD listernership up 10%

Should TESD get a booking agent?

Q to butter up Scott Gomez for an appearance.

Shang Chi and Spiderman talk.

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