#505: Anklez & Tipz


Tom Brady breaks a tablet, girls basketball, Q’s foray into Onlyfans


Walt Flanagan

Bryan Johnson

Brian Quinn

Mentioned Person:

Rob Bruce


“I wanna be WF now. BQ sounds so edgy, BJ”- Walt

“Is this woke pussy shit?” – Bry

“You want to see Q and Bry’s dad having fun? Like he never had?” – Bry

Games Played:

Memorable Moments:

Tom Brady smashes an iPad.

Walt has furniture dyslexia.

Rob Bruce passed away recently, the guys discuss a benefit pod for his family. Walt feels guilty about banning him from the Stash due to “misplaced loyalty.”

The saga of the Mike – Rob Bruce conflict is discussed. A recent I Sell Comics tries to re-write history according to Bryan.

BQ mourns Betty White.

Drunk Erik pounds on Bryan’s door int he middle of the night escaping a fight with Edgar. Erik gets Covid.

Joe leaves IJ. Q discusses a new era where he gets to try more weird stuff.

Could Coach Q help a girl’s basketball team that lost 94-4, getting their current coach suspended?

Q to start an OnlyFans focused on ankles and feet?

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