#506: Big, Blue, Boy Scout

*Featured Image by TESDAnt


Bry, Walt, and Q bring the razzle-dazzle of the Patreon show ‘I Buy Comics’ to TESD.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn


“I don’t draw with my ass.” – Bryan

Memorable Moments:

This episode is a “I Buy Comics” spectacular where the guys discuss their favorite comic book characters.

Football players have been advised to take Viagra to increase blood flow to combat the cold. Walt worries that body to body contact might result in accidental erections.

What trophy would you give up Nookie for?

Bry gets his booster, Walt claims it hurt his arm too much so he wants the next one “in his fanny”.

Bryan’s favorite comic book characters: Deadpool, Buddy Bradley, Foolkiller

Q’s favorite comic book characters: Spider Jerusalem, Ghost Rider, Sandman, Kyle Rayner, Joker, Jesse Custer, Punisher, Spider-Man, Batman

Walt’s favorite comic book characters: Grimjack, Punisher, Robin, Werewolf by Night, Swamp Thing, Dead Shot

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