#507: F Las Vegas

*Featured Image by TESDTown & TESDAnt


TESD returns with tales of snow and frustration. Celeb deaths. Dedicated to Brian Ruppert.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Mentioned Person

Brian Ruppert


“Wasn’t he in that movie, Uncle Chuck”- Walt about Bob Candy (Louie Anderson)

“Would you say you’re the GOAT of the Secret Stash staff?” – Bry

“No you could never say that. That’s for other people to say.” – Walt

“I love bad weather like hurricanes” – Bry

“I think snowblowers might catch on.”- Walt

“He’s got pizazz, he’s got plenty of fuckin pizazz!” – Q

“Because Fuck You, that’s why!” – Q

“If Tom Brady was wearing one of those Bob Backlund speedos.” – Walt

Memorable Moments:

Dedicated to Brian Ruppert who brought a snow blower to Walt’s house during a blizzard.

Bryan is stuck in Vegas as his flight is canceled multiple times.

Maribeth and her brother still call their parents “Mama and Papa.” Bryan asks if he can call them that or will it be weird coming from someone their own age.

Q’s girlfriend has matching family pajamas during the holidays. A younger Q would have nothing to do with that kind of shenanigan but an older, wiser Q would just go with it.

Sage has her 16th birthday.

Cooper and Socks are full time TESD Studio employees spending all day there. Cooper mounts Git’em every day and any customer that comes close. He finished on one customer’s legs.

Walt attempts to get some brown boxes from his daughter Alicia while she was working at Aldi’s. The manager had to come over to ask if she was alright and if Walt was bothering her.

Walt and Tom Brady both retire after 22 years of greatness.

Q suggests Walt get into pro-wrestling now that hockey and football don’t hold the same passion for him. He cites the wrestler Danhausen as a gateway, as he is a part Svengoolie, part Baron Von Flanagan type character.

Tom Brady has a lackluster clothing line compared to TESD.

75% of elderly people will suffer a critical fall.

A Staten Island artist dies at age 98, he dined with kings and queens but will go unremembered.

Discussion on Fatty Arbuckle and WC Fields. Walt picks up some WC Fields DVDs for 25 cents.

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