#508: It’s Curtains For Ya

*Featured Image by TESDTown


Walt gets rejected, Bry’s illin’, TESD world records, semen sabotage.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Mentioned Person


“We don’t care that you’re the richest man on the planet! Taste my piss!” – Walt

“I don’t want to go too hard against him, I don’t want Impractical Jokers to end up in a diss track.” – Q

“Does anyone want to hear about how I’ve had diarrheas for two months?”- Bry

Memorable Moments:

Has TESD lost it’s fastball? Walt wants to drop another classic like episode 97.

Walt hosts the Super Bowl, posts a selfie and gets roasted for having an “ugly curtain”.

Russia invades Ukraine

Kanye West threatens Pete Davidson through claymation.

Q wants Walt to go back to work so he can quit using Comixology. Walt reveals he applied at a different comic store but never heard back. Walt doesn’t get a discount at the Secret Stash and has not been back since the General Store left.

A Chinese Olympian takes back former allegations of harassment from a top Chinese Communist Party official.

Shoplifters are not held accountable and are allowed to just walk away.

Bry has had trouble getting his medication.

Q has been watching Letterkenny and Peacemaker.

An Idaho man has broken 52 world records in one year.

A town readies itself to throw eggs at Bezos’ boat if he removes a bridge for his yacht to pass through.

The Rob Bruce bonus pod is in the hands of his family.

Bryan goes on Unqualified Experts podcast through friends of Maribeth.

The Mexican cartel’s terror school is discussed.

South Korea suffers semen terrorism.

A teacher serves her class cupcakes baked with her husbands emission.

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