#509: The Mooching Sack

*Featured Image by TESDTown


Cooper destroys a personal item, Bry gets testy about bagel prices, Walt brings a new game to the table


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Git’em Steve Dave

Mentioned Person

Games Played

Flanny’s Choice


“Now I know why we’re playing this game. We’ve gotten to the center of the tootsie pop.” – Q

“hes coming out with the second pallet!” – Git’em

“Only with crayons” – Git’em

“I look out the peephole and Sunday Jeff is on the porch, and he’s crying.” – Walt

“United States isn’t those whiny fuckin’ cunts, it’s the guys in jorts with rifles.” – Q

Memorable Moments:

Cooper and Socks have been coming into the studio with Walt every day.

Cooper humps Bryan, and anyone else that enters.

Covid took away Walt’s super smeller power, he is unable to smell all the dog farts, which continue to bother everyone else all episode.

Bryan’s friends on Who Are These Podcasts celebrate 300th episode.

Pam continues to work on her book “Shane: Heir to the Throne”

Talk of the Ukraine invasion and the incident on Snake Island. What is the ultimate outcome? Putin dead? A democratic Russian government?

Cooper chews through Git’ems mooching sack.

TESD Ant and friend of the Pod Barry McClain Jr’s comic Billy the Kit is released from Blue Juice Comics

Walt unleashes a new game “Flanny’s Choice” where he proposes a hypothetical situation with two outcomes and the players have to guess what Walt’s decision would be.

Choice 1: If Walt is on a cruise with Tom Brady and Cooper and the ship goes down, who would Walt choose to save?

Choice 2: If his house was on fire would Walt save his wedding album or his Marvel Masterworks?

Choice 3: Would Walt rather have 10 great seasons of the NJ Devils or 10 great months of TESD Patreon?

Choice 4: Would Walt rather be recognized as the funniest guy or the most bad-ass guy?

Choice 5: If a pill could give Walt a Bruce Lee physique but half his intelligence would he take it?

Choice 6: If Walt was getting ready to spend a romantic Valentines Day with Debi but Sunday Jeff showed up at his house in tears, would Walt open the door to check on Jeff or pretend not to be home?

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