#511: G-Spot and C-Man

*Featured Image by TESDAnt


Bry has to explain death to Sage, the boys play Quinny’s Choice.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Git’em Steve Dave

Mentioned Person

Tommy Lincoln, Brian Rupert, Maribeth


Quinny’s Choice


“I got an anal gland guy for you.” – Bry

“As long as it doesn’t bother me, I don’t give a fuck.” – Walt

“I want this bitch ended.” – Bry on how Sage thinks of her bus driver.

“You don’t think it’s disturbing for kids to see grown men spurting blood?”- Walt

“I don’t care if he’s a smelly anteater, I’ll still let him go down on me.” – Walt

Memorable Moments:

Bryan wants Q’s input on how to respond to Sage being beside herself upset at her bus driver and Sage requesting Dada take care of it with his gun. Should he teach her about the permanency of death? Bryan admits he would bring heaven into it for her sake despite not believing in it.

Walt wants to get people that have had near death experiences where they claim to have returned from heaven or hell on the pod to talk to them.

Jim Jones taking everyone’s wives and makes the men just be with eachother.

Q is jonesing for a Big Mac.

Wrestling party at Q’s house. AEW pay per view. Danhausen likes to put teeth from a jar into his opponent’s mouth to confuse them. How much blood is too much blood.

Bryan to be on Chip Chipperson with Joe DeRosa. What does Jared Fogle do when he gets out of prison, is he still rich?

People on Twitter have a theory that Cooper and Socks farts might be due to needing their anal glands expressed.

To prove if an animal has rabies is it absolutely necessary to decapitate it? Doggy executioner paid 25 bucks a head.

People have been loving the “G-Man” that Git’em has that special sauce.

Git’em has a theory about girls who love horses: They like that big powerful thing between their legs.

Jimmy Olson gets his name dragged through the mud.

Quinny’s Choice!

Scenario 1:

Q offered the ability to turn into any animal he wants but can only have an erection in animal form. Would he accept that power? Would human women still accept him?

Scenario 2:

Would Q rather get bonked on the head and forget the past 10 years of his life or forget that Sal ever existed?

Scenario 3:

If an alien landed in Q’s back yard and promised to be able to extend every human’s lifespans by ten years in exchange for making love with the alien for one night. The male alien also has a space cold sore on his lips and is insisting on kissing?

Scenario 4:

The brakes on Q’s jeep have failed and has to choose to swerve right and hit a baby Hitler and baby Git’em, swerve left and hit baby Pol-pot and a basket of kittens (including Benjamin) or stay straight and collide with a wall killing himself.

Scenario 5:

While waiting for Stacy Patella to get ready to go to the movies he notices a polaroid face down on the floor and it’s a nude pic. Does Q take a picture with his phone to keep it or does he avert his gaze instantly?

Scenario 6:

Q is cursed by a fortune teller to get a paper cut every time he handles anything paper. He can cure this by cursing Tim the Record Store Clerk to only hear Smashmouth for the rest of his life.

Scenario 7:

If Q was taking a dick pic and somehow captured irrefutable proof of ghosts, but it was a bad pic making his dick look gnarly, would he show people?

Scenario 8:

Would Q prefer to only ever tell the truth or only ever tell a lie.

Scenario 9:

Would Q live in a universe where he is Jimmy Olson and be Superman’s best friend even though it’s a universe where Bry and Walt were never born?

Scenario 10:

Does Q give up a year of his life to give 10 years to Benjamin or take 5 years from an enemy and give himself 20?

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