#512: Sack Window

*Featured Image by @TESDAnt


TB12 returns, murderabilia, Iceberg Slim, The Batman, Coffee vs Tea.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn


“You’re buying cryptozoic creatures left and right.” – Walt

“You don’t think Batman could sneak a peek?”

“I thought Crumpy would be the Spanish fly of Airport Plaza!” – Walt

“I’m gonna be beyond cancelled, I’m gonna be shot into the sun” – Q

“That’s like making Power Girl without the chest window.” – Q

“Patty how do you feel about boob windows?”- Q

Memorable Moments:

Tom Brady returning from retirement, mere weeks after announcing retirement. Should he reimburse the guy who bought his last pass football for half a million dollars?

Walt says Q should have gone into Cryptocurrency rather than Cryptozoic creatures like Crumpy, because no one has come interested to see the elf mummy.

Q is close to making a deal on another artifact from his black market contacts at The Night Fair on a piece of murderabilia from a 19th century Pennsylvania serial killer that would attack sleeping railroad workers. Q is set to buy a nail killer used to drive into his victim’s heads. (note while searching for 1800s Pennsylvania killings of railroad workers the tragedy of Duffy’s Cut is all I could find but it is not clear if this is the same incident Q is describing)

What would be everyone’s reaction if Maribeth dies to “natural causes” but Bryan insists on a quick cremation with no autopsy? Bry saw this exact scenario on the ID channel.

Q just finished reading “Pimp” by Iceberg Slim about his life. One of the other pimps had a pet “Oscalot” on a diamond leash.

The Batman discussions. Walt enjoyed 2/3rds of it. Q didn’t believe Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman worked as a femme fatale and her lack of chemistry with Batman.

Walt believes no studio could ever produce Power Girl in 2022. Q believes a female director could make it happen. Walt and Q agree the same people to complain about Power Girl’s outfit would be the same that complained about the Batgirl cover with the Joker from a few years back.

If Power Girl and Super Man just rescued you would you be able to avoid checking out the window with her super powered cousin right there? Would you have to shield young impressionable Robin from seeing Power Girl?

What if pants had ball windows?

Are there any businesses that are worth you waiting in line an hour for?

Could a tea drinker get away with the same as coffee drinkers by saying “don’t talk to me, I haven’t had my tea yet?”

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