#514: Final Foreskin

*Featured Image by #TESDAnt


Wrestling, clones, Down Syndrome models.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Mentioned Person



“Asshole, Asshole” – Q

“Mom, can I play with Hitler’s clone?” – Bryan

“It was pizzazza”-Walt

“Are you a Brown Noser?” – Walt to Q

I remember him being that bird from Aladin, Iago.” – Walt

“You’re basically watching Frozen” – Walt

“Oh it’s poppin'” – Walt

“I don’t think we should clone Hitler.” -Q

“I’d rub it all over my face!” – Walt about the holy foreskin.

“In all favor of wokeness and inclusivity, she has great tits.” – Bry about the model with Downs Syndrome

Memorable Moments:

Sal comes down with the Covid a second/third time.

Q goes to see a final four basketball game. Most exciting live sporting event since Roger Clemens threw a bat at Mike Piazza at the 2000 world series.

IJ opening ratings were great. Nashel almost was show runner of IJ. After watching Jackass Forever Bry asks if any of the Jokers would have their cock and balls out to improve ratings.

Walt’s might go all in on wrestling if he continues to get shout outs after an Ant, Nate Digad, holds up signs referencing Sunday Jeff and Walt.

An ant comes to the studio on his way to an ICW wrestling show. Walt claims it is so extreme that anything else is the Disney version. Is Walt falling for Kayfabe? Would Zandig come on the pod for an interview?

Zandig bump – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M-TlkI-orr0

Mankind bump – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nnVk0uqZkFg

Sadika – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7kP5z0PELDY

Gilbert Gottfried passes away. Bry and Q reminisce on his appearance on the IJ cruise.

The Holy Foreskin, Jesus’ foreskin removed after his circumcision. Many different churches claim to have the artifact. Would Q make play for it should it arrive at the Night Fair? Could you clone Jesus from his foreskin?

The legalities of cloning are discussed. Could a clone of yourself claim ownership of your property? Would you be on the hook for child support of the offspring of your clone?

Q sees a Victoria’s Secret model with Down Syndrome and asks Bryan how he should feel about it.

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