#515: PhDeez Nutz

*Featured Image by #TESDAnt


Bry goes to a water park, Walt suggests a better way of life, Bill Murray acts like a jerk.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Mentioned Person



“I’ve never seen video of this old guy fucking” – Q

“I thought I was going to shit my pants like those marathon runners, I hit the wall.” -Walt

“We got pills for everything when you’re old” – Bry

“w-well lets see your diploma!”

“Tell’em Maribeth” – Walt

“Dada ain’t no fool!” – Walt

“You can’t pull this con for 8 years and not back it up once!” – Q about the 148 IQ.

“I knew we shouldn’t have moved to San Francisco.”- Walt as Erik

Memorable Moments:

An Easter Bunny accidentally gave out eggs full of condoms to kids. Another Easter Bunny savagely attacked in Florida. Walt recalls his years as the Easter Bunny at the community center.

Walt back from Mystic CT, says it was way too crowded and cold.

Bryan takes Sage to American Dream Mall for mini golf and the water park, despite hating water parks himself. He gets to use Sage’s Down Syndrome as a way to get a free pass to the front of the line from Customer Service. Walking up and down so many steps all day makes Bryan realize he isn’t as in shape as he used to be.

A paddle boat makes Walt hit the wall like a marathon runner.

Q learns to SCUBA dive for an upcoming shoot for Jokers. It’s second nature to him as the breathing mask is similar to the gas mask training from the fire academy. Quinn will be swimming with sharks and dolphins.

Sunday Jeff vacations in Myrtle Beach.

There are eyedrops that improve your eyesight for 24 hours.

Bill Murray accused of being a violent out of control asshole on set.

Git’em tells Walt about Amber Heard’s alleged dump on the bed.

Walt reads the top ten non-sexual advice I wish I knew sooner

Git’em is on the upswing with being loved by the listeners again.

Joey Fatone and Ming are con besties, going out for drinks together.

Bryan’s meds make his hands shake so much that Joe DeRosa thought he had Parkinson’s.

A discussion on why Pam and Edgar won’t be having any more grandkids because Darin and Erik don’t want them, turns into Darin and Erik being unable to do to low sperm count and ED with only Bryan as the star of the family because of his virility.

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