#516: The Vanilla Edge

*Featured Image by #TESDAnt


The boys spring leaks, Bry and Q lose a favored vacation spot, a rare purchase is made.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Jimmy the Hair Guy

Mentioned Person



“I don’t need boobies!” – Q

“Shaved Beaver!” – Q

“I’ll sell ya pubic hair for 500.” – Q

“You’re the modern day equivalent of the Dutch boy with his finger in a dam.” -Walt to Q

“it’s better than finding a dinosaur bone, ’cause at least you know it’s real!!” – Walt about woods porn.

“Hey God, it’s me Q.” – Walt

“Johnson hasn’t brought that book back yet? That mother fuckers had it for three weeks!” – Walt

“Did you read this in that volcano you two bought each other?” – Walt to Q

“I just don’t want to see a report on the news ‘Impractical Joker found wandering nude screaming that there is no time'” – Walt

“There is no such thing as time, Boy Time or otherwise!” – Bryan

Memorable Moments:

When a big timer like Q has normal problems like everyone else it makes Walt’s heart soar. The gutters at Q’s house get clogged and don’t drain properly and piss water that leaks into his home. He places garbage cans under the spout and has pool pumps draining the water from the cans. Bryan’s tub is leaking but his slum lord blames the tenants.

Key West townspeople tired of Fantasy Fest debauchery and wish to change the rules much to Bry and Q’s dismay.

As you get older do you need to get edgier? Walt says he’s never even approached the edge and Sunday Jeff is only getting more vanilla.

Are you there God it’s me Margaret” used to be a titillating read for kids in the 70s. Walt, Bry and Q remember the phenomena of finding porn in the woods.

Q’s reading a book by Carlo Rovelli called “The Order of Time” about the concept of time dilation and how time is relative to the observer. His mind is exploding and unravelling.

Dr. Strange get’s Q’s thumbs up even going as far as having him rethink his original dislike of Wandavision.

Q’s lock of hair has finally sold for Git’em’s tooth/house fund and Ant Jimmy sits at the table to discuss his purchase. Q is flabbergasted that he spent what Git’em was charging as it was priced so it wouldn’t sell. Jimmy also has a lock of Shaggy 2 Dope from ICP. Git’em threw in some shirts that Walt insists Git’em will have to pay for. Q gifts him the LEGO haunted house. Walt says Jimmy might become the next Frank 5 as his appearance on TESD was so fun.

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