#517: Talkin’ About Sharkin’

*Featured Image by #TESDAnt


Death, lawsuits, calling people bald and forced grandchildren.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Mentioned Person



“Get rid of all the lame shit and focus on the cool shit, and they’d be like ‘OHHH, get out of here!'”- Q

“Nothing but crickets now, but BQ was right again!” – Walt

“You’re going to have to go through this again in 20 years.” – Bryan to Maribeth about his own death.

“Let me tell you Q, time exists and it takes its fucking toll.” – Walt

“Why wouldn’t you give us porn?”- Walt

“I’m not talking about George Washington and all those clowns, I’m talking Jack Kirby, Mark Wolfman, Frank Miller and all those cats.” – Walt

Memorable Moments:

Maribeth’s grandfather has been diagnosed with stage IV cancer and is expected to pass shortly. Bryan figures he should buy a new suit since he probably shouldn’t wear the same shirt and jeans that he did to Rob Bruce’s funeral. Walt thinks it is pretty dark to be actively planning your own funeral knowing it is coming.

Why is death and funerals social events for the elderly?

An Indian couple sues their son for neglecting to provide them grandchildren.

A 100 year old Brazilian man breaks a world record for staying at the same job for 84 years. Walt thinks its inspiring, Bry thinks its depressing.

Q tells of his experience swimming with the sharks and diving 60′ down to stand on the deck of a shipwreck. A diver fixes Sal’s weight belt and Q snaps a photo where it looks like he’s blowing Sal. Sharks do not get cancer.

Walt claims he could probably climb Mount Everest since he walked 10 miles the other day. He’d stick to a trail and go during a warm time of year. They leave the people’s bodies that die climbing Everest on the mountain, some receive nick names such as Green Boots.

Walt’s bucket list destinations are Japan and Australia.

Maribeth see’s a story of a seal who is rehabilitated only to be eaten by orcas as soon as released.

Walt is going to Florida Mega Con to promote Blue Juice and his book Knights of the 5th Dimension.

Q begins writing up a short 30 minute play “The Headless Horseman of Staten Island” for Bryan to redeem himself for missing his cue back in elementary school and “ruining everything”. Walt says he should miss it this time too.

Walt suggests a bus trip to Collingwood for some listeners to celebrate 1 year at Airport Plaza.

An actress from 2016 Doctor Strange and her husband on trial for repeated sexual relations with a 13 year old.

A 16 year old Sunday Jeff dated a 21 year old woman.

Calling a man bald in the UK is now deemed sexual harassment.

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