#518: One Con and a Funeral

*Featured Image by #TESDAnt


Walt and Git ‘em party in Orlando while Bry picks out a wardrobe to visit Ohio.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Git’em Steve Dave

Mentioned Person



“That name just sounds too exotic for me.” – Walt about Shoneys

“He didn’t whimper as loudly or clearly when he was lubed up.” – Walt

“How much money did you spend on elongated pennies?” – Walt to Git’em

“Where’s the acid wash section, sir?” – Walt

“You know the funeral, you all go into the mausoleum. Half these people should have stayed in there.” – Bryan

“Relax, relax, I’m fine I have water.” – Sage in a cop car

Memorable Moments:

After a haircut, Walt’s hair is all grey underneath. Debbie to have the Just for Men on standby. Git’em recalls his “goth” faze dying his hair Midnight Blue/black and how his dad didn’t notice for days.

Bryan attends Maribeth’s grandfather’s funeral. He was surprised at just how many people attended, saying no way will that many people care about him. Bryan ended up wearing black jeans and a button up shirt to the funeral with leather sneakers. Walt chuckles that black jeans haven’t been worn since the 90s. Bryan and Maribeth inherit some beekeeping equipment from her grandfather. Walt says there are some huge tax breaks for bee farmers.

While still on the road Bryan receives a call from a police officer saying that he has Sage in his custody. Sage had a half day at school and Edgar was unaware to pick her up so Sage walked home and was wandering around outside when she was picked up. The officer Facetime’s Bryan so he can talk to her. Bryan’s concern was an embarrassment to her, Bryan thinks her misplaced confidence gets her in trouble.

Git’em ends up accompanying Walt to the Mega Con to help share the drive. It was six days together with no breaks. The first night they stayed at South of the Border. Git’em has a habit of squealing with excitement when happy, such as seeing a helicopter take off, or getting to go to Simpson’s World at Universal Studios.

On the first day Walt’s phone gets left behind at the shuttle bus and he has to chase it down like Riggs in Lethal Weapon. He get’s heckled over his Devils jersey and why he didn’t just use Kevin Smith’s Limo.

Git’em snores and makes whimpering noises in his sleep, however on nights he has his requisite Natty Daddies it is not as bad.

Git’em enjoys collecting those elongated pennies at tourist locations.

While Git’em loved the Supermarket Sweep cosplay he did not care for sexy Woody and Jesse.

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