Tell Em Steve-Dave’s 2021 Overkill Christmas


Join the Tell ‘Em Steve-Dave family for the 11th annual TESD Christmas pod! This Christmas shall be one to remember, for this Christmas is an Overkill Christmas.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Ming Chen

Git ‘Em Steve-Dave

Sunday Jeff

Tom Miloszewski

Tim the Record Store Clerk


“That’s why the Romans invented ‘Persona non Grata'”- Bryan

“I don’t ever remember life without him” – Q about Git’em

“Fuck these Yorkies.” – Q

“People will be saying ‘Prussian Who'” – Q

“Close da Windahs yer motha’s cold!” – Tim as his dad.

“All the Bumble can do is gum Santa’s ass.” – Walt

“You got to give him the Jewish handicap.” – Q

“You’ll shit your eye out, kid!” – Sunday Jeff

“He’s got an erection like George Bailey!” -Walt

“Your nostalgia is meaningless to me.” – Bry

“I never realized you were such a fuckin’ bully.” – Tim to Walt

“It comes out of ineptitude.”- Walt

“To quote Q, fuck your kids.” – Bryan

“Hey these sausage fingers do a lot of work.” -Q

Games / Reoccuring Segments


Memorable Moments:

In this, the 11th annual Christmas episode, Tim the Record Store Clerk is here to judge everyone’s choices to certain scenarios and award coveted plastic rings to the winner of each category.

Q teases the unveiling of a new haunted artifact that will be even more wonderous than the Prussian Kissing Devil Skull.

Tim recalls his childhood Christmas memories, including needing stitches after slicing his hand open with a can of cranberries.

First Scenario: Create the perfect Human Santapede where two holiday characters must be sewed mouth to anus to Santa Claus

Tom: Santa – Grinch – Mr. Potter

Git’em: Santa – Scut Farkus – Mr. Potter

Walt: Santa – George Bailey – Bing Crosby (they all have erections for some reason).

Bry: Santa – Bumble – Tiny Tim

Q: Santa – Redeemed Scrooge – Cindy Lou Who

Sunday Jeff: Santa – Clark Griswald – Happy the New Year Baby

Ming: Santa – Buddy the Elf – Ralphie

Second Scenario: What was the best toy Santa ever left for you.

Tom: LJN Hulk Hogan rubber figure.

Git’em: An Apple Macintosh computer

Walt: Electric Football

Bry: Evel Knievel Stunt Cycle

Q: Optimus Prime figure

Sunday Jeff: The Kenner Millennium Falcon

Ming: GI Joe hovercraft (given by an Aunt since Santa never came to him)

Third Scenario: Replace Santa’s 8 reindeer with other creatures or beings from pop culture

Tom: A Mogwai he would feed and get wet to make winged Gremlins from Gremlins 2.

Git’em: Iron Man, War Machine, Captain Marvel, Scarlet Witch, Vision, Thor, Hawkeye and Quicksilver

Walt: The Universal Monsters

Bry: The Brady Bunch

Q: The Cenobites

Sunday Jeff: Boba Fett, Xenomorphs, Predator, Robocop, T-800, Stripe, Darth Vader and General Ursus

Ming: John McClane, Hans Gruber, Rocky Balboa, Ivan Drago, Riggs, Murtaugh, Arnold from Jingle all the Way, and Ben Affleck from Reindeer Games.

Fourth Scenario: All time Greatest Christmas Song

Tom: I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas

Git’em: Christmas Wrapping

Walt: The Christmas Song

Bry: Christmas Eve Sarajevo

Q: Fairytale of New York

Sunday Jeff: Father Christmas

Ming: Christmas in Hollis

Fifth Scenario: Best Christmas show or special

Tom: Saved by the Bell

Git’em: M.A.S.H. “Death takes a Holiday”

Walt: Happy Days “Guess who’s coming to Christmas.”

Bry: Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Q: South Park “Spirit of Christmas”

Sunday Jeff: Twilight Zone “Night of the Meek”

Ming: Silver Spoons “Best Christmas Ever”

Sixth Scenario: How would inserting Santa into another movie change it

Tom: Santa in Jaws

Git’em: Santa in Psycho

Walt: Santa in The Exorcist

Bry: Santa in The Thing

Q: Santa in The Omen

Sunday Jeff: Santa in Cannibal Holocaust

Ming: Santa in Alien

Q unveils his latest purchase of magical or haunted artifacts from an underground black market known as The Night Fair: Krumpy the Elf found in Siberia in 1902 and enslaved before dying from a lack of Candy Canes. Q warns that Santa might be coming for it.

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