#519: Superfestation

*Featured Image by #TESDAnt


De-aging, Q eyes a wrestling career, Bry hates hairy toes. More tales from the road.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Git’em Steve Dave

Mentioned Person


“Don’t want to start the trip off with accountability.” – Q

“Dude your balls. Feels like angels are kissing them” – Q

“Coz they were raising a seeing eye puppy” – Git’em

“Who gives a fuck about Johnny Depp and Amber Heard?” -Q

“And then she cheated on me with a blind guy” – Git’em

“I got a box that does that, it’s called Just For Men.” -Walt

“It resolved itself.” -Bryan

“Sal is a COVID magnet” – Bryan

“I feel like I was eating next to Maxwell.” – Bryan

“Thank god for the ants because if not for them the other Con goers are like ‘Who are those homeless dudes?'”- Walt

“I was hoping we could get the same room again, if you know what I mean.” – Walt to South of the Border attendant.

“You caught me cheating, we need to take a break.” – Q about Git’em

“Fuckin’ heal thyself bitch!” – Walt

Memorable Moments:

Walt says that he and Git’em shared the room due to financial responsibility and not wanting to make Blue Juice foot the bill, not for “content” as redditors claim.

A mouse was successfully de-aged at Harvard Medical School. What would be the cost to not make it too available so that everyone gets it and the planet can’t sustain the population. The procedure causes cancer but they’re working on it.

Pam and Edgar visit Erik out west and are surprised at how regulated the water usage is.

An appraiser comes to Maribeth’s grandfathers house mere hours after the funeral to value all of his possessions for an estate sale. Bryan wonders why he would share a story of his mother falling and her arm exploding out of it’s socket when he tried to help her up and her dying two days after. Maribeth’s father says the appraiser was just trying to relate to him, Maribeth herself says Bryan isn’t very empathic.

Walt asks Q and Bry if they think they could take a fall without injury at their ages.

Q is offered to train 10-15 days in Atlanta to participate in a professional wrestling event. Walt says he should go for it or else he would regret it. Bryan asks what his persona would be. Q says if he’s a heel he’d be “Abrasive Brian”.

Q gets COVID again after a busy schedule traveling and attending Friars club and AEW shows.

Walt brings up the topic of Superfestation, when a woman is pregnant and then gets pregnant again. What if Q was a superfestation baby? Bry suggests one of the ants add that to Quinn’s Wikipedia entry.

Walt goes to bat for Denny’s to defend it’s honor. Is bathing suit, flip flops and tank top underdressed for Olive Garden?

Q asks if Git’em was using his local clout to get booth babes. Walt has to imitate Git’em’s squeal to Q. Git’em is called over to explain why Woody and Jessie bothered him at the Con to the point that he’s ranting at all hours of the night after a few Nattys.

Q speaks of faking orgasms when he’s too knackered to finish.

Git’em’s dad deters him from flying in a helicopter when asked for his opinion.

Git’em discusses seeing his ex on her bed with another man through a window, phones her to let her know she’s coming over and watch the guy leave. Finds texts between the two of them weeks later, confronts her like Columbo.

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